Can Lynn Swann’s Reputation Sink Lower?

The reaction has been overwhelming to Lynn Swann’s decision to ban the song girls from basketball games. The irony is so few people bother to go to basketball games in the first place.

Nevertheless, this is another own goal by Swann. And he seems to find new ways to destroy his image. Will anyone remember this was a Super Bowl icon or just a bumbling athletic director?

I’m wondering if anyone tied to the song girls will talk, specifically about the theory Swann banned them because a couple participated in “Fire Helton” chants at the Notre Dame game.

I can remember Mike Garrett’s reputation being horrible. And Pat Haden being vilified. Now Swann seems intent on outdoing both of them.


13 thoughts on “Can Lynn Swann’s Reputation Sink Lower?

  1. “Swann INTENDS to outdo Garrett and Haden”? In the “Worst A.D. Of All Times” sweepstakes, Swann pulled ahead of those guys a long time ago.

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    1. Well, the Rams’ organization is pinning all their hopes on you being right about that, Pac 12. And Helton and the love of his life, Toa, sure did their part to help the Rams’ dream come true. It all seems to be working out SO perfectly for the Rams. The 2018 Trojans blowing big leads like their’s no tomorrow. It’s almost as if……

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  2. Swann is a disaster ‘but’ Haden is worse. Understand no one can predict the future no one. However Haden: sacked Kiffin, turned a deaf ear towards Orgeron, conducted a ‘faux’ search for a new head coach (cursory interview of Petersen and no one else – no background check of Sarkisian) fired Sarkisian, gave Helton a 3 year deal and then made sure his successor would be worse than he (Haden) …. Lynn Swann. One wonders if Haden would have left had he not been made aware of the Mayr scandal working its’ way out for all to know.

    Why no blowback for Haden?

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  3. I’m an old fart from the old school and throughout all the decades as a fan, student, and alumni at SC, I have never seen as much uproar from the student body, community, as well as, alumni regarding the issues surrounding the athletic programs at SC. To my knowledge, there has never been an AD who put an Article One of the US Constitution restriction on the nice-looking Song Girls at a game. It wasn’t like they were using inappropriate profanity. Granted, to chant something negative about a specific coach may not have been completely prudent. However, to censure them completely was extreme. He could have had a civil dialog with them to leave those chants out henceforth. But instead, Swann created a “monster” and did a good job alienating them and destroying their incentive to represent the university and cheer at the games.
    These girls keep the atmosphere alive and festive and always seem to make the fans smile (especially the dudes) even when the SC team may be trailing scorewise. They will be sorely missed I’m sure. What Swann did was, in my opinion, a prescedent that added to the unfortunate realty that SC is the laughing stock of the universities that make up the NCAA.

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  4. Are the song girls disbanded or just banned? If they were under the auspices of the marching band, the way it was at Mt. Sac in the 70s, the athletic department would have to ban the band. If the band is banned the music would be canned. The canned music band could be on hand unless that’s banned too. Why do feel as if a Star Bellied Sneech is running the school and the Lorax is the athletic director?

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  5. banning the song girls…REALLY??? I thought not firing the looser of a football coach (AND HIS STAFF) was the height of stupidity… But to ban the song girls, which have been on the only highlights of the Bball season for many years is ridiculous, and should in a sane world should be the swan song, but then the world has gone bonkers…. What’s the over/under for SC wins next season? 5??


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