USC Sunday Buzz

I hear LSU coach Ed Orgeron is in Southern California this weekend.

Why not? He already has a commitment from Mater Dei cornerback Elias Ricks, the No. 1-ranked corner in the nation for the Class of 2020. He knows USC is in a position of weakness right now and it’s a great time for schools like LSU, Alabama and Oklahoma to recruit locally.

The Sooners have a commitment from four-star cornerback Darian Green-Warren of Mater Dei, who is a top 100 player for 2020.

And it’s not just Southern California. LSU signed defensive tackle Siaka Ika of Salt Lake City last month. He was considering USC. Remember in 2015 USC signed Porter Gustin and Osa Masina from Utah, who were both top 40 players.

Recruiting is a very fluid business that can change quickly. But Lynn Swann is sitting on a dysfunctional program and doing nothing. So how will get better?


7 thoughts on “USC Sunday Buzz

  1. It makes no difference who USC signs, because the athletes don’t develop, they come into the program as 4&5 Star athletes, and leave as 4&5 athletes. So if Clueless Clay, and Delusional Lynn don’t think High School players, and coaches aren’t noticing that, then they are bigger idiots then I thought

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  2. It’s just a passing fantasy, but can you imagine if Ed Obregon was coming to So Cal to sign a long-term contract with SC as the new HC? Back to reality, he’s here to solidify those talented and highly-ranked players from schools like Mater Dei. And rest assured that when Obregon boards the plane back to Bayou country, he will turn around and smile while he’s sticking his middle finger high in the air in the direction of where SC is situated in LA. What goes around, comes around…

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  3. First fire the Pathetic Lynn Swann the the very nice but Pathetic Helton then the overrated DC!!!!!! Big-time programs have big-time coaches plain and simple!!!!! Nobody wants to play for these clowns!!!! I’m very worried because we’re probably going to suck again this year and the Genius Lynn Swann still will not fire his lover

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