Saturday Night Recruiting News

Four-star safety Noa Pola-Gates of Gilbert, Ariz., committed to Nebraska over USC and Arizona State during the Polynesian Bowl. The USC-centric recruiting services were really chummy with him recently. USC still has a commitment from wide receiver Puka Nacua, who is having a big game.

Three-star D’Von Ellies of Owings Mills, Md., chose Penn State over USC. This was not a surprise.



43 thoughts on “Saturday Night Recruiting News

    1. Are you actually taking pride in leaving your starters in and scoring the last 12 points against our walkons in garbage time?

      That would be pathetic even for you.

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      1. No good deed goes unpunished, Globe…


      2. Andyain’twinning has done it numerous times, especially when he’s down 20 – 30 points. Quit whining, you won, according to PUS by 23 points.



      1. Yup, wore the skin off my fingers looking for dem ruins.. unlike owns, who’s fingers have become calloused from the happy endings he doles out for the ruin bb team…

        Sandpaper Sally!


      2. Ha! [Owns is to us what Putin is to the Left: The Man we love to hate].

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      3. I just got back in town Pud — did I miss Little Scottie’s positive review of USC men’s basketball. Surely, the little munchkin would strive for some balance in USC atletics, wouldn’t he? 😦

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      4. No Tommy,

        He’ll hasn’t frozen over yet… we’ll know when that happens because scottie will have written a positive article about USC.


      5. UCLA 34

        Clown U 27

        UCLA RB, Joshua Kelly shreds the Clown U defense for 289 rushing yards.

        Josh Shaw, bozo HERO, and NFL bust!!!

        The 3 – 9 UCLA team owns LA FB…….LOL


  1. I’ve never played college football and don’t know what goes through the minds of players as they are sought after by schools desiring their talent and potential to be a contribution to the football program. I would think that the things a player would consider important would be reputation of program, quality of coaches, selection to be a starter or backup to senior, development for the draft at the next level, quality of education at the institution of higher education. And, of course, those things mentioned would have different priorities for every player.
    My concern right now is that there are too many “negatives” regarding the SC football program that I think would impinge on a starred athlete selecting SC this year. These negatives are, in my opinion, pushing potential players to other programs. I don’t know what Helton’s sales pitch is to the athletes considering SC, but since he can’t dissuade an athlete to come to SC because of more positives than negatives, then I suspect he might be hard-pressed to effectively close the potential athlete to commit. An analogy that I would like to use to highlight my points would be the following: There’s ten guys trying to go out with a “Song Girl” who is a 10 on a 10 scale. All the guys wanting to date her have personalities, money, nice cars, tall, etc. You are broke, short, ride around on a bike, and wear the same jeans every day. So who is the Song Girl going to consider when she goes to select who she wants? I will leave that with my fellow colleagues who put posts on this blog.

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      1. drjess — Be assured, you are NOT a shit [that is a word we reserve around here for former o-line coaches and the people who kept them on salary]……

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  2. Another wide receiver….great news…given the current circumstances at SC, I think it’s time to withdraw from the Pac 12 and petition the NCAA to reclassify the football program in a new, 7-on-7 sub-division. (not that Helton is qualified to coach there either)…the benefits to this would be many, but in particular, it would free up time for Lynn Swann to focus on reducing the athletic depts. budget sufficiently enough to permanently rid SC of the real menace to the university’s sports program: “the Song Girls.” The Trojan alumni and fans I’ve spoken with agree, that, until that embarrassment to the school is abandoned, they will not support the schools athletic endeavors… who would have guessed that it was the “Song Girls” and not Helton and Swann that have angered so many…

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  3. What Scott no mention of USC basketball after they were clearly the better team in stomping UCLA? But I’m sure after their next loss you will post “thanks Enfield!” You need to be a little more fair, that’s why nobody takes you seriously.

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  4. MG- Did Ava Gardner divorce Rooney because he was short, rode around on campus with a bike, broke, wore the same jeans everyday, or all of the above ? (lol)…

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    1. Funny. [I think it might be the not changing your jeans part, drjess—recall in “Zorro the Gay Blade” when Bunny Wigglesworth told his amigos, “being poor is not an excuse for dressing poorly”]……..

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  5. I suppose there might be just a bit of irony in pointing out that Goff & Anderson are CAL men.
    As I write this, they account for 95%+ of the Rams yardage.



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