Kliff Kingsbury Escapes

The Arizona Cardinals hired Tom Clements as their offensive coordinator, which means Steve Sarkisian and Hue Jackson will coach elsewhere next season.

That’s good news for Kliff Kingsbury, even if Sarkisian and Jackson were not going to call plays. He didn’t need people that were more interested in furthering their own careers and needed someone that will make him a better coach. In particular, I’m not sure what Sarkisian brings to the table in this area. He’s been an ordinary assistant and less-than-ordinary head college coach.

At least Jackson’s been a head coach twice and has extensive NFL experience. The problem with him is he would be too happy to replace Kingsbury if necessary, which might lead to some behind-the-scenes drama.

Some of you probably remember Clements playing QB at Notre Dame from 1972-74.


10 thoughts on “Kliff Kingsbury Escapes

    1. I can’t believe how bad recruiting is now with SC. Pola-Mao’s brother would have signed already if SC never backed off him in the first place and it cost us Pola-Gates. Class-less decisons like offering and accepting the DE from C.O.D. knowing how tough of a road he’s had but pull his ride and claim they didn’t know if he was gonna back out so they could try and sign others who picked another program in the end losing 3 DL targets from that whole idea that they thought they could steal a kid from Ed O. This is bad. Ford may sign with Oregon now from what i hear. I don’t think it’s gonna be toi bad with McCoy and Nacua being in the class but that makes the class go down more with the decommit at TB.

      I say………
      Forget recruiting.
      We need to fire Clancy, offer Dave Aranda the DC spot with the title of Asst HC and take Bama’s Strength Coach or his top assistants to bulid up the toughness of our talent.

      Helton could very well lose any of the first 6 games. All of them are gonna be challenges. If he replaced Pendergast and went after the best available man Helton might have bought himself a team with new life reborn to win but Clancy can’t get players to develop after his starters he ignores pushing the depth and Helton will go down before the final regular season game.

      Anyway. How ya been bro!

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      1. Life is good as can be expected and I can’t complain.
        Not sure about Ford, but who can be sure of 18 yr old kids. But Nacua is special and we should work hard to keep him regardless.
        As far as Aranda, that would take at least $3 million and I don’t see that happening. He has $10 million guaranteed at LSU.
        Nice to hear from you.


      2. Nacua seems to have that “Special” quality like Juju or Amon-Ra. He may be the best WR in the nation in my opinion. He should be rated much higher but i just hope they don’t let him get away somehow although he loves SC more than any player in the class maybe.

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      3. He was underrated because they said the level of competition wasn’t as good as some played against. Since the all-star games, his stock has risen off the charts, as he won offensive MVP at both all-American Bowls he attended. And seems to be genuinely humble.


      4. We just need keep Nick Saban from landing his helicopter at his house and pitching the Tua to Nacua possibility.

        I don’t know or understand how USC goes all in for KK when the chances of him moving out was very high since he was named the “top OC available” for both college and pros long ago.

        Now we’re without an OC and its January 23. This is where I send the my best recruiters after USC’s offensive players not signed.


  1. Future headline on Bru McCoy via SW: All-American Bru McCoy is doing better than former one time SC OC, KK- now the QB coach for Alabama. Kingsbury, along with Co-HC, Steve Sarkisian and Lane Kiffin, have been unable to turn the Tide around since Nick Saban’s retirement. Kingsbury is known for his tenure at Texas Tech and the Arizona Cardinals, but is most well known in SoCal as the assistant who promised McCoy that he’d stay at SC barring some unforeseen circumstances. McCoy has done well despite KK’s absence.


    1. But Swann is the one who should have known that the top offensive coordinator candidate by far this year in College and NFL was gonna get his number called by many. He turned down 7 gigs from the NFL to call plays before he went to AZ. Swann should have had the common sense to know he should probably feel out a few more OC’s first before he goes all in.
      Nick Saban could have been the one to take him if AZ didn’t. Swann really should take the blame. It

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