Another USC Connection To Controversial Rams-Saints Call

It wasn’t enough that former USC cornerback Nickell Robey-Coleman was involved in the big pass interference play that was not called in the Rams-Saints game on Sunday.

The back judge of the crew, and one of the refs drawing criticism, was Todd Prukop.

His father, Al, played quarterback at USC from 1958-60.

Tim Prukop, who is Todd’s brother, was an assistant coach at USC from 1994-95.


19 thoughts on “Another USC Connection To Controversial Rams-Saints Call

  1. I was wondering how long it would take to tie the Trojans to the most controversial play of the weekend. Never doubt the negative power of scottie.


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    1. Thanks, Pudly! Now I can’t get that fricking song out of my head.

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      1. Pudly — The “connections” we’re discussing aren’t simply playing out in this puny time/space dimension…..


      1. That’s really all modern physics is, jmet —-the impact of magnetic and atomic & gravitational power on Helton and Swann….

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  2. Now let’s look at the AFC Champion – the New England Patriots….they garner unmentioned respect aka calls that go their way just as the MLB (NYY), NBA ( LAA & BOS) NHL (TOR & MTL) and their sister in the NFC (DAL), NCAA Basketball (LOU & maybe they still do bel-air tech well maybe not) and for you Scott in NCAA football (notre dame and USC)….legacy winners get the calls and always shall.

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      1. You know what they say, Alv —-when Helton and Swann are quiet, BIG things are happening behind the scenes!

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  3. So all these relationships with players, former players, and refs make me wonder how much is attributable to “DNA” and/or exposure passed on from generation to generation? Hoping the Super Bowl will be a good one without too many controversial calls. If some occur, I hope they are in favor of the Rams and not Brady and company.

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  4. I think it’s a reach to say ref intentionally blew a call because of remote lineage to USC. Now saying Robey was a Trojan works. However Robey was always grabby, so he didn’t learn the interference at USC.
    Let’s just agree the refs screwed up. They weren’t watching or misjudged the play. USC has nothing to with the play other than being the farm team for one of the players.

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  5. Fight On!!!! Nelson Aghlor won a ring last year, maybe Woods and Robey will win one each. SCooter, how many former players from usc have won super bowl rings and how many total rings are counted for by former usc players?

    Ex. Lynn Swann won four rings but he is one player. There are other former players that have won multiple rings as well. I’m thinking of Mike Rae and others

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    1. Pasadena Trojan: To hear about the SC players earning the rings is positive and refreshing these days amid the negativity and digression of SC’s football program that the “ringleader AD” is directly responsible for…


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