Georgia Tailback To Visit USC

Jamious Griffin, a four-star tailback from Rome, Ga., will visit USC this weekend. Griffin, the Georgia Gatorade Player of the Year, was committed to North Carolina State until Monday. Georgia Tech is also recruiting him.

This is another sign of how USC is trying to make up for tailback Jordan Wilmore decommitting.


15 thoughts on “Georgia Tailback To Visit USC

  1. Making up for? The guy was Georgia Gatorade POY. Twisted facts for your slant; bordering on fake news.



      1. Pudly- I would rather refrain from any back and forth with you especially when it comes to politics. We can agree to disagree, but have mutual respect. You’re a Republican, I am not. Now that we got that out of the way, lets’s just stay put of each other hair.


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      2. Arturo —My grandfather, who was Sicilian, used to tell me how the socialists in Italy hated and killed many of the leading industrialists in the early 1900’s–which led to the socialist take over of Italy —which led to the fascists hating and killing the socialists in the early 1920’s —-which led to the red brigades working to kill the fascists in the mid 1940’s—which led to the end of the fascist party and a call by the communists to kill everybody who was ever a member of the communist party—-which led to one wise Italian leader saying “enough—let’s short circuit the hatred now —sympathy for all classes, sympathy for all views.”
        In this crazy, crazy world, we are, at least, all brothers on this site. Pudly, Owns, Alv, Sam, Trojan67, 04Trojan, Pasadena Trojan, you, me ….and all the rest of the very cool guys that come here.

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      3. MG

        Honestly, one of the main reasons that I visit this site is to hear from wiser, older, more experienced people such as yourself; I don’t want to think about the day that I stop learning from others. The history you told about yourself and your family is, “ Gold, Jerry. Gold.” Thanks.

        I try not to get too sensitive when people express their political views- I’ve learned that it doesn’t do anyone any good. I would rather win the person over, as corny as it may sound, than win the argument.

        Anyway, thanks again for your words of encouragement and knowledge. You the man, Michael.


    1. Bingo! (“Like” button not working).

      In Scottie’s world, hosting a 4-star running back is somehow a huge negative…

      Of course, if SC wasn’t hosting 4-star running backs, Scottie would be blogging “Yet another example that Helton is not doing his job.”

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  2. Just another running back who wants a free trip to California, so he can see the sights. And if he’s good as advertised, then you better believe Kirby Smart won’t let him out of the state of Georgia

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    1. Chuma Edoga was soft as he// and from the state of Georgia but they seem to be putting out quality tailbacks.
      Helton will mess it up somehow and the kid will sign with Ucla.


      1. I disagree with you about Chuma, Sam. He got good reviews on a weekly basis (from a service that projects pros on a weekly basis).

        The RB’s other top choices were Georgia Tech and Auburn after decommiting from NC State. He or that other TB Helton is after would be good gets.


      2. Arturo I was big on Chuma early on but I just didn’t see the player that was advertised coming out of high school and being very high with his football IQ theys said. I think he finished his career better than it started from start to mid point with injuries, but he missed a lot of assignments letting his man speed rush to the backfield i noticed. He was more inconsistent than soft. I said soft because i was just dissapointed from his overall production but he wasn’t soft he just had a motor that wasn’t what a senior should have in my opinion and he never out a string of good performances together in my opinion.

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      3. I think he will have a better outcome than at USC because I think the overall answer to mine and your conversation really is that USC doesn’t develop or coach up talent right now and if he can stay focused to learn he’ll get it going.


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