USC Morning Buzz: I Picked A Pac-12 South Winner

I wrote a Pac-12 preview for the Sporting News and the first thing I noticed was how tough Stanford’s schedule is to start the season and how many good nonconference games there are next season.

The Cardinal open the season hosting Northwestern, play USC at the Coliseum, at Central Florida (25-1 the past two seasons) and home to league-favorite Oregon. After facing Oregon State, Stanford then hosts Washington and ends the season facing Notre Dame.

Who did I pick to win the Pac-12 South? Not USC.

The Sporting News picked four teams in its preseason top 25:

No. 13 Oregon
No. 14 Washington
No. 19 Washington State
No. 21 Stanford

All Pac-12 North teams ranked above. One surprise to me is USC has only the fifth-best overall record the past four years despite those two 10-win seasons during the Darnold era.

Pac-12 four-year trends: Overall record

Rank Team W L Pct.
1 Stanford 40 14 .741
2 Washington 39 15 .722
3 Washington State 37 15 .712
3 Utah 35 18 .660
5 USC 34 19 .642
6 Oregon 29 22 .569
7 California 25 25 .500
8 Arizona State 25 26 .490
9 Colorado 24 27 .471
10 Arizona 22 28 .440
11 UCLA 21 29 .420
12 Oregon State 9 39 .188

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6 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: I Picked A Pac-12 South Winner

  1. SCooter, come on, you know you want to say it, say it already and stop beating around the bush, I know you want to say SC sucks. Here I will say it for you, SC sucks. Feel better


  2. SCooter,

    BTW, where is your blog about how the USC men’s basketball team destroyed, demolished, curb stomp, and a#s kicking of uglies team that happened on Saturday. I guess it is impossible for you to write something positive about USC. Well I will write it for you, USC decimated ugly just last Saturday by blowing the doors off of ugly at one point leading by 25 points. They played their best game of the season.

    See SCooter, it did not hurt.

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  3. Scott —you know I love you —but I don’t believe you really want your column to boil down to you just saying “Not USC” 7x a week.

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  4. Scottie, did Swann bring Helton “in” (as you stated) or bring him back? Are you taking liberties with the truth? Or maybe just playing fast and loose, not proof reading your article. For a guy who harps on the mistakes anyone else makes, you sure don’t apply the same standard to yourself.


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