If No One Comes To USC Games, Does Anyone Notice?

Lynn Swann was getting criticized by a lot of fans at the Galen Center on Saturday, who were upset about the Song Girls being banned.

But there were not a lot of fans to criticize Swann: The official crowd count was 5,226, the smallest crowd for a USC-UCLA game at the Galen Center.

Just as football set some lows in attendance this season, basketball has joined it.

Whatever else Swann botches, he is now presiding over small crowds in two sports, which means less revenue.

Too bad there is no full-time president or someone on the Board of Trustees to hold Swann accountable.

Meanwhile, the 126-member USC Marshall Board of Leaders, an advisory group to the business school, has unanimously called for the ouster of Rick Caruso as Trustees Chairman and the suspension of Wanda Austin, Michael Quick and Carol Mauch Amir.

Just another day at USC!


36 thoughts on “If No One Comes To USC Games, Does Anyone Notice?

  1. SC is a private University that is safequarded because they’re not a public entity like FUCLA. The people running the institution, ie., BOT, have control because they have the power to control what goes on and will not be subject to outside interference unless there’s an actual infraction of the law. Public institutions, on the other hand, don’t have the same luxury of power and can be challenged by staff, students, and the community. And, if enough pressure is exerted by the said, then oftentimes decisions will be made immediately because of “no confidence”. There is an an apparent no confidence feeling amongst the student body, alumni, and community leaders relative to the current dynamic at SC. However, no one can do a damn thing. If the “Song Girls”, for example, wanted to be aggressive towards Swann with litigation hypothetically, it might be somewhat arduous for them and might compel the SC administrators to eliminate them completely. After watching them perform on this blog, how could anyone want to eliminate such a great group of talented coeds providing endorphins to the crowd.


  2. USC probably doesn’t rely on revenue from basketball attendance, so nobody really cares who shows up. And why isn’t anybody calling for the ouster of Lynn Swann, because he needs to be replaced before Clay Helton?

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    1. Well, like OJ Mayo and Harold Minor said — they wanted to make a significant impact and stand out. When Cal Jr. was relevant, that made sense IMO.


  3. The erosion of sports enthusiasm at SC is frightening because there has never been this much dysfunction and disarray since it’s inception. I’m not a historian but I would like to use “the fall of Rome” as an analogy to what might happen to SC if there isn’t a move to make major adjustments immediately. It’s a sad state of affairs, and I empathize with the students vying for higher education at SC who would like to feel upbeat and excited about the stature and reputation of the university they chose to acquire an education from.


  4. SCooter,

    I reported per LA Communist Times that the attendance at that game was 6,226. Naturally you weren’t there else you would have commented about the soft serving ice cream machine not being there.

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  5. USC is the Big Private Club in Southern California. I’m not in it but I respect & deal with many members of the Club. It’s a decent school. From an academic historical perspective, it’s not on par with Stanford, Cal or UCLA but it’s catching up. I was suprised to learn that incoming freshmen had higher SAT scores than CAL’s.
    But recently, from what I’ve observed, USC has become so scandal ridden that it may be time for the alums to bring out the pitchforks & call for a complete top to bottom house cleaning. Are the students getting their moneys worth or are they even being considered?

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    1. When’s the last time the ruins or da bears had to operate under a real balanced budget. One without bailouts. Before people judge they ought to clean their own closets.
      No disrespect.

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      1. Hey 23PUS, kindly remind the posters when “…the ruins and da bears…” were specifically bailed out? We need facts PUS, not morning glory seed hallucinations

        I mean WTF does “Ones w/o bailouts” signify.

        PUS23 does your mother know she raised half-assed illiterate.

        Yo PUS, there were 57, 116 fans at the RB to watch UCLA bitch slap the clowns 34 – 27.


      2. Stupid little ruin troll, who never ran a business or balanced a budget asking how a taxpayer funded institution is bailed out? And he calls others names. When the uc runs on its own, without state assistance you ask me.


    2. You are absolutely right about Cal and Stanfurd (misspelled intentionally) being noted and having an impressive ranking in terms of undergraduate studies. And with several graduate programs at the said universities, they are reputable and draw the most qualified students to their programs. However, SC has come a long way in terms of bringing in noted researchers/scholars (some at the Nobel Laureate level) and bringing their graduate programs more noterighty amongst the best in academia. When I was at the graduate school of education, the program was in the top fifty in the nation. I believe the program is in the top twenty-five right now. One of the best graduate programs in education is at Cal. I believe they are ranked one or two in academia.


    3. Cal75,

      When will the Cal alumni demand that Napalatono return the $23 million slush fund? Yes, the Cal almni and fans need to clean house as well.


      1. Pt,
        Just saw this. Nappy is head of the UC system. Appointed bureaucrat. Board of Regents are also state appointees. If you or I could do anything…we would.
        Chancellor Carol Christ runs a pretty good UC Berkeley right now. Lot of problems in Berkeley. I.E. the town controls the venue of Memorial Stadium. Cannot be rented out like UC would like to generate income. Traffic congestion. F berkeley.


  6. P76,
    I’m dense & I’m not following you. R U specifically referring to the whole California univ system or the State of Calif contribution to UCLA & CAL?

    I’m neither a math whiz nor a public policy wonk. I do know that CAL gets a ton of Pentagon research money but that doesn’t flow to the athletic dept. $340 million to seismically upgrade Memorial stadium OR ELSE. Or else it would have been the PAC 11. Cost of which for years was dropped on the football program. Now only half of that.

    I don’t get the connection between i.e. tyndall & medical school deans & removal of song girls from games & the necessity to balance the budget.


    1. What do you know of the removal of the song girls, except that it happened. You don’t know why. The school hasn’t, as is their policy, announced the reason, nor have the song girls. Their alumni rep tried to find out, but just like the news of any student or group of students punishment would be, the information was held private. Why don’t the song girls themselves speak about why?
      As far as the med school dean or the Gynecologist, there are plenty of problems to go around if one wanted to scrutinize the uc system. Your holier than thou attitude on these matters wears a bit thin.
      And yes, the financial status of the uc is tied directly to the pockets of the citizens of this state, even with research contracts.

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      1. P76,
        You’re starting to sound like my lovely next door neighbor. My psychotic USC alum neighbor who for years has reminded me that CAL could not beat SC in anything.
        How about we just stick to football? See you in Nov.


      2. One win in a row, and much like your little brothers on our boards, the world has suddenly shifted..haha! Unlike scottie, I’m looking forward to playing the bears. But I will give you this, at least you have your own fight song, unlike your little bros crosstown.

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      3. Pudly —I guess you and me don’t appreciate how ‘carefully’ the UC schools make absolutely sure that no public money is ever directly or indirectly spent on athletics. They’d hate it if that ever happened….. just hate it.

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      4. Ha! I bet if a group of taxpayers wanted the answer to your question, Pudly, Cal would be more than happy to open their books for them…..

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    1. No worries, drjess! It’s such a fucking hassle to edit on this site that I say (paraphrasing from “Galaxy Quest”) “Never edit, Never apologize!”

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  7. If you lads had to deal with the wierdest city in the U.S. or lefty lunatic professors, you’d have a little sympathy for poor public education graduates.
    Nobody have a job around here or do you all admire onerus?

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    1. Cyst86, PUS just wiped the floor with your “I’m an intellectual and you ain’t self,” – LFOL.

      When I lived in the city, guys that had shoe shine kiosks made good money. Check it out Cyst, you certainly have the education to be a great Bootblack.


  8. Suggestion for P76 and Cal75: How bout we get the voluptuous Song Girls from both SC and Cal and let them battle it out! My guess is they will both kick some ass in terms of “shaking that booty”, and do some twists and turns that would make a grown man cry…(lol) ✌️🤙😎


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