LSU coach Ed Orgeron visited Calabasas and Mater Dei today. I wonder where Clay Helton is? Maybe he should go to a high school and find an offensive coordinator.


7 thoughts on “Sightings

  1. I saw Orgeron today at Calabasas HS talking to head coach, Trojan, and Detroit Lion stud Chris Claiborne while my son was training with the soccer team. The kids said that Gomer has never visited and although many are obviously interested in USC they’ve heard crickets from USC coaches. From the perspective of the 16-17 year olds, Gomer isn’t doing his job. LSU and the SEC schools are just going to raid Southern California in the next recruiting cycle.


  2. Out of state recruiting always comes before local recruiting when a cycle begins. Local recruits are easier to visit and often visit unofficially during the season. Orgeron is no joke as a recruiter and talent evaluator although Helton is no slouch himself.


  3. Don’t care what people say, Haden made a mistake letting Ed O leave. He had his on the job training and learned from his mistakes, before coming back to assist Kiffin. He was better suited than Sark to take the reins.


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