USC Picture Of The Day

With the song girls banned from the Galen Center, here’s a nice, clear photo of the original song girls at a 1968 USC football game.

By the way, here’s an excerpt from an item I had today for

“A USC coach told friends they had no confidence in Swann as athletic director. At other schools, this would be a big deal. At USC, it is known as Tuesday.”

Story is here (subscription required)


15 thoughts on “USC Picture Of The Day

  1. The “Coach” referred to Scott’s article is none other than Clay Helton. According to those present when Clay made the statement, his actual words were, “Who in their right mind would extend MY contract?”

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    1. Helton (or Gomer) was worried about being the most hated boob on campus. Then he lucked out and got a boss/AD who ended being a bigger boob than him. But only after the AD banned the other “boobs” from the Galen Center.

      Only at USC.

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    1. Imagine if every person had a job where s/he only had too be snarky to receive a paycheck — without hardly ever sighting credible sources? Scotty is such a troll.

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    2. Pudly —I’m just gonna throw this out for what it’s worth, ok? I was watching videos with my relatives’ kids over the holidays and I was surprised to see a Disney cartoon which tells the REAL story of Ben Franklin. It turns out Ben was a complete idiot who, luckily, carried a little mouse in his pocket (named Amos) who taught him how to keep from smothering from smoke fumes in his apartment (open the window) & when to turn left on the sidewalk to avoid walking into a lamp post. Anyway, your mentioning the possibility of a mouse in Coach Helton’s pocket who’s feeding stories to Scott got me to thinking….

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      1. Everybody knows it’s only true if you read it on the internet. But since Disney put it on has to be a true story. It’s not like they live in fantasyland !

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      2. If Disney CEO Bob Iger still wields significant influence at Troy, then blaming a mouse might be more on the mark more than people know.

        And, it could be one reason why the USC D resembled a “swiss cheese defense with all its holes.”

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      1. Micheal I’d be very surprised and sorely disappointed if we didn’t come up with a new offense and the coordinator to install it.
        In past seasons, most third round kids, except qbs, might’ve gone on to the league. How does this square with all the discontent we’re told exists on this team? Doesn’t quite fit.

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    1. Actually —-come to think of it — that’s a very good point, Pudly….

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