Another Tale Of Staff Criticism

This blog was a constant critic of the USC strength and conditioning program so the departure of Ivan Lewis to the Seattle Seahawks is viewed as a positive.

But sources in Seattle tell me Lewis felt hamstrung at USC by Clay Helton, who had his own ideas on how to do some things.

Is Lewis simply covering himself for criticism at USC? Or did Helton really interfere with his job?

I can’t say. But I do know Helton interfered with Tee Martin but let Martin take all the criticism over the playcalling. So this would not surprise me if it were true. The consistent theme of the program, however, is that staff members all seem to have a beef with Helton, despite his image as a nice guy.


9 thoughts on “Another Tale Of Staff Criticism

  1. The picture becomes much clearer to me over the last couple days on THIS blog: Flow most likely did not get along with fellow media members and Flow was most likely not respected by fellow media members, USC included. The lengthy, yet classy tribute to Garry P. over at WeAreSC is a nice read if anyone here checks in over there as well. As I hope most do. Lots of good things said about how he did it the right way, professional, stayed away from rumors, etc.. All opposite of poor Flow over here. And this came from a number of different people, including rival websites. I’ll go ahead and assume WeAreSC and the likes are the sites Flow refers to when he’s talking about being careful about the sunshine being pumped up your ass. Anyway, apparently I thought bigger of Flow, but no quick RIP post or tweet proves me wrong.

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      1. I don’t believe I’m doing this, but Commie Lush has spoken the Truth.

        I disagreed with Alwyn Walrus many times on his pathetic “SUCCX is the greatest FB University” blog. So one day after we argued he went ballistic and banned me from his rah-rah pissant blog. Losers like Alwyn “I wuv SUCCX” Walrus, can’t stand to lose arguments.


  2. Clay Helton’s not fooling anyone, that’s why he can’t attract any quality assistants. He also claims to be such a god fearing Christian man, but he constantly screams “Goddamit”, and drops the “F bomb on the sidelines during games … lol.

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  3. One is THE HEAD COACH and one is ‘interfering’ with an asst coach? I always thought helton is and was ‘interfering with all coaching incl strength and conditioning…why do you think football is so pathetic at SC?


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