A Quick Word On The Board Of Trustees Scandal

The Board of Trustees are fighting with each other over the firing of Business School dean Jim Ellis and had an emergency meeting today.

There is not a lot of real information that has been made public regarding Ellis. I can never remember a previous issue where the board turned against each other so people have strong feelings.

But here’s a nugget: A USC coach told me Ellis was the only dean they could easily call and get help from when it came to recruiting. For example, when a recruit visited, they could call Ellis and quickly set up a meeting with him because he was accessible.

Whether you are pro-or-anti Ellis, it seems like his departure would be a loss for athletics.


17 thoughts on “A Quick Word On The Board Of Trustees Scandal

  1. There is an online petition in support of Jim Ellis that has over 3,800 signatures. There is enormous support for him, including support by many women.

    The interim president, who has no experience whatsoever in academic administration, made a unilateral decision to fire him, with no explanation, based on a report that found that he had done nothing wrong.

    So why was he fired?

    University-decision making is shared governance among administration, faculty, students, and staff, so many on campus are completely outraged. The BOT made a huge mistake in appointing Austin as interim prez because she doesn’t know how a university works,.

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    1. I’m curious 67, how many women have signed the Dean Ellis Support petition?

      Now correct me if I have it wrong, but isn’t the cause of Ellis’ termination having to do with his ignoring or consigning female business student harassment complaints reported at his office to a shredder?

      I once worked for a great Supervisor. But he wound up terminated for failing to report a sexual harassment complaint that was reported to him.

      Next thing you know some crazy bozo students will claim John Wayne Gacy really loved his victims.


      1. Who is Rodney Alcala?? Why did he leave ucla early? Was it the little girl he left for dead on his kitchen floor??
        Hahaha. Westwierd sucks.


      2. The dog dry humping you in the parking lot isn’t sexual harassment. Especially after you rubbed that piece of calves liver all over yourself.



      3. Hey, 67 my question to you awaits your answer –

        ****I’m curious 67, how many women have signed the Dean Ellis Support petition? Cm’on 67, don’t be shy with relevant bozo facts.


    2. Hey 67 looks like the village idiot can’t leave the roadway…….what’s really funny is, aside from Harrick who they foolishly acted with umbrage, there’s nothing out of that faux sarcophagus but the hydrogen sulfide out of this fool’s mouth…..still waiting for relevance out of bel-air prep aside from a gymnast.

      “Nellie!” “You leave my jonniekins alone!”

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      1. Rusoviet – yes, he seems to have plenty of time on his hands today. Must have lost his job. That post above is lame, even adjusting for its source.

        Speaking of Wooden, below is from the L.A. Times on Sam Gilbert, the ucla hoops sugar daddy back in the 1960s and 1970s:

        When the Times told one former Bruin All-America about Gilbert’s activities, he told the newspaper: ‘What do you want me to say? That’s my school. I don’t want to see them take away all those championships.’

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    3. Can I revise one of the sentences in an otherwise perfect comment, trojan67? The interim president doesn’t know —and doesn’t want to know—how a university works.

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    4. Trojan67: I don’t know much about SC’s interim prez other than she has an earned doctorate in engineering and held executive positions with entities that weren’t considered “academia” (If I’m inaccurate about that, I will stand corrected). With respect to having the qualifications at the presidential level in academia, whether a private and/or public university, I believe Austin met some, but not all of the typical criteria generally found in the job descriptions for university presidents. The criteria for university presidents is generally a doctorate with “demonstrated experience” at that level or close to it, eg., Executive VP, for at least ten (10) years. Other things like successful fund raising are preferred. However, it’s not uncommon to bring in someone who has a profound background in adminstration that isn’t in academia but close to it, e.g., The Smithsonian.
      But you need to understand that since Austin was plucked from the SC BOT, the experience in academia could have been waived (we will never know that). Moreover, since she was a colleague and could be trusted presumably by the majority on the board, she was asked to take over subsequent to Nikias resigning. My feeling is that the board chair Caruso was uneasy at the time of Nikias’ resignation and did not want to utilize a top shelf search firm to find an eminently qualifed interim president. His decision to eschew looking for a demonstrated academic administrator that could rectify the problems and restore an embattled private university that has had a rich heritage in Southern California, as well as, throughout the country, may or may not come back to haunt him and/or bite him on the laurels…

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      1. 1drjesscamacho – to expand a bit on your very good points, Austin looked good on paper to the BOT – she has a Ph.D. from SC, and she was an executive at the Aerospace Company.

        However, I don’t believe that she appreciated that major universities operate much differently. There is enormous faculty input, and moderate student and staff input into hiring and firing academic administrative appointments. She completely sidestepped the shared governance formula within the university to unilaterally fire an extremely popular dean.

        My understanding is that she has refused to meet with stakeholders (faculty, staff, students, alums) to explain her decision, and she has not provided a detailed reason for firing Ellis. All of this adds up to an unfortunate mess that the BOT easily should have seen coming.

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  2. The most damning was within the first year of Gene Bartow’s stint (1976) Gilbert threatened his life for moving to throw him out and that equally corrupt soul JD Morgan ran interference…something he wasn’t used to as Wooden had no problems with Gilbert from 1965 onwards

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    1. Exactly (would hit the “like” button, but it doesn’t work…).

      And Morgan is still revered at UCLA, with a named center on campus.

      The NCAA was grossly negligent. As one NCAA investigator remarked :”If I could have spent a month there, I could have put ucla on indefinite suspension.”

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    2. My prior comment:

      ****Next thing you know some crazy bozo students will claim John Wayne Gacy really loved his victims.

      And low and behold, up pops PUS and Commie Lush, collectively known as “the SUCCX Cornhole Twins,” screaming and shouting nasty BS about UCLA.

      PUS wants to know who Randy Alcala is. I have no clue.

      However, I know who O.J. is. Surely PUS, you remember O.J. , the jealous ex-husband, and former bozo, who did his ex-old lady, and what’s his name.

      I’m thinking Commie Lush is pissed @ PUS, because PUS refuses to pay CL for missing PUS’ bullseye. That means no pint of volka for Commie Lush tonight.

      Oh, and Coach Wooden, he won Ten (10) BB NC’s, and Nellie was stoked.


    3. The reason Thug aka ugly did not receive any penalities during the Johnny Cheetin’ Wooden era was because Morgran was good friends with a NCAA investigator. Morgan delayed the penalities until after johnny Cheetin’ Wooden left like a cockroach that he is. Once Bartow took over, ugly was hit with probation.

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