Bru McCoy Transferring To Texas?

Rumors are flying everywhere that five-star wide receiver Bru McCoy is going to transfer to Texas despite the fact he has been taking classes at USC for the past two weeks.

Did McCoy get upset Kliff Kingsbury left? Or was he unhappy with the possible replacements? Remember McCoy said right before he signed that he was told Kingsbury was staying.

Paging Lynn Swann! Paging Clay Helton! Paging anyone!



19 thoughts on “Bru McCoy Transferring To Texas?

  1. Transfer after 2 weeks??!! He sounds like a perfect trojan!! Why is he transferring to Texas?? Was he not happy with the girlfriend that was assigned by southern cal??

    Who goofed? I’ve got to know!


    1. Teddy,

      you even screwed up the quote just like you screwed your life over by signing a deal with the devil to be a ruin fan. The quote which was played on the Jim Healy Show back in the 70’s to 80’s goes like this, “Who goofed, I gots to know”. What a Moron

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      1. Not a Bruin fan, but a fan of the truth. The actual quote was from Howard Cosell’s radio interview the day he was in a hurry to catch a train at Penn Station. Cosell: “I’ve got a train to catch. Now, who goofed, I’ve got to know.”


      2. Jim Healy used the quote from Howard Cosell on his show… Now take that ***** out of your @sshole and get me a plate of french fries!

        Did anyone ever tell you that you are a Fuqing @sshole??!! I mean besides your mother!



  2. Two weeks after enrolling @ bozo U, 5 Star FB recruit Bru McCoy determines his FB future is better elsewhere. I guess any port in a storm is better than SUCCX, the stinking dump.

    In other obvious, negative Clown U news:

    SUCCX oozes Nikias manure from every fissure. In fact, pretty soon SUCCX will have Brown University in court and claim SUCCX legally registered the name Brown Univ., in 1636.


  3. Onerus had to step away from his all night job at daily donuts to blast USC at 0200 Friday morning. Onerus 24/7 looking out for USC.

    What a man.


  4. That’s funny, because USC posted a picture of him on social media yesterday wearing a #5 jersey (also mentioning on their own post that he’s not wearing #5 next season, after the fact). Did USC sense this and try to head it off or is Flow jumping the gun?


  5. If he wants to leave, let him… Why hold on to someone that doesn’t want to be with you. Wish him well and fill his spot. To quote “a bar from Jay Z” its business as usual..


  6. No offensive coordinator….top tier recruits de-committing almost daily….an uproar over the ineptitude of an incompetent athletic director having no choices b – d lined up if retaining Helton choice A (Kingsbury) defect…and Helton.

    I think Helton will be gone a lot sooner than most of us know


    1. Amen and this ‘might’ just be the final straw that begins that avalanche we’ve all been hoping for – Helton gone and Swann muzzled i.e. no longer making decisions regardless of no head currently at the helm…that former ‘aerospace executive’ has maxed out what support she has and that is in Rick Caruso – today’s Times article is telling on how he is perceived.

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