Look At Jedd “The” Fisch’s Resume

Before USC hires Jedd Fisch as offensive coordinator, take a quick look at his background. He literally has never coached anywhere more than a few years.

  • Florida (GA) (1999–2000)
  • Houston Texans (DQC) (2001–2003)
  • Baltimore Ravens (AQB/AWR) (2004–2007)
  • Denver Broncos (WR) (2008)
  • Minnesota (OC/QB) (2009)
  • Seattle Seahawks (QB) (2010)
  • Miami (FL) (OC/QB) (2011–2012)
  • Jacksonville Jaguars (OC) (2013–2014)
  • Michigan (QB/WR/PGC) (2015-2016)
  • UCLA (OC/QB/interim HC) (2017)
  • Los Angeles Rams (Senior offensive assistant) (2018–present)

Does this look like a successful resume?

Does he have the clout to pick the starting quarterback over Clay Helton?

Is this worth getting excited about?


22 thoughts on “Look At Jedd “The” Fisch’s Resume

  1. This argument who thinks Helton will be gone in a year. This guy is the perfect candidate who can coach quaterbacks and can get this offense going for a year.


  2. Fisch called descents games at Thug U. SCooter, by now u should know this, but it doesn’t matter what offense u run. What matters is the blocking u will get from the o line. If the o line blocks, u can run anything

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  3. It certainly isn’t a terrible resume.

    Jedd Fisch has been on staffs lead by Brian Billick, Dom Capers Mike Shanahan, Pete Carroll, Brad Childress, Tony Sparano, Jim Harbaugh. Jim Mora and Sean McKey. Billick, Shanahan, Carroll, Harbaugh and McVey have all lead teams to the Super Bowl. Dom Capers was the DC for a Super Bowl winning team. Sparano is from the Parcells Coaching Tree, and Childress is from the Andy Reid Tree. By any honest and objective measure, Jedd Fisch was a coach on elite staffs at the very highest level of football.

    That doesn’t mean he’s the Second Coming of John McKay, but it’s an amazing resume and I would love to have it as my own. He’s one of the few people of whom Trump could plausibly claim is sick of all the winning.

    Helton should be so lucky to even have 1/10th of Jedd Fisch’s resume.

    Scooter, you would improve your resume 1000% if you deleted your entire professional experience and replaced it with “Florida, Graduate Assistant, 1999-2000.

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    1. Let me get this straight — Clay would be lucky with one tenth of Fisch’s resume and Scott would be lucky with one eleventh?


      1. Let me also get this straight. Do the sunshine pumping, rah-rah bozos actually think Jedd Fisch will leave the SB bound L.A Rams for the OC job at Chernobyl U?

        If Fisch did that, it would be a mistake on the magnitude of Hitler’s stupid order to invade Russia.


      2. A new version of Catch 22, Owns: If Fisch doesn’t have the brains to refuse boarding a sinking ship, he’s NOT smart enough to lead us to victories over Stanford, Washington and Notre Dame…….


  4. If Jesus Christ was the offensive coordinator, it wouldn’t make a damn bit of difference. Moral is at an all time low, and the offensive line has no developed talent. And the honeymoon is over for Clay Helton, because his schedule finally has some teeth, so who cares about the OC, because they will start the first half of the season 0-6 .. I guarantee!


      1. I love it, Commie Lush foully, vilely dishes on Johnnikins and Nell non-stop.

        But, Jesus H. Christ, should anyone use JC’s name provocatively in a SUCCX post and Commie Lush contorts into a rabid, holy-rolling, born again, snake healing, tongue speaking, two-bit, booze-swilling, Elmer Gantry style, Onward Christian Soldier bigot/hypocrite. WTF!!!!!!

        So from now on CL, every time you belittle the deceased Coach Wooden & Nell, I will, in turn, make fun your moldy, dead savior. Trust me, Commie Lush, there a ton of shit available mocking Jesusikins.


      2. Yes, Christ is our Lord and Saviot. However, Fred is not denying his existence. All he said was, if Jesus was the oc at USC, that Christ would not make difference. Now, the touchy situation is, if Christ is the oc as a human, then he might not change anything. If Christ is the oc as God, then he will make a difference. As God and man, which he is, he would make a difference for many different reasons.


    1. Are you trying to say JESUS CHRIST can’t command an offense??!! ” Aren’t we gonna pray? We’re not all savages like Pasadena trAOJan!


      1. Teddy,

        Ur comment makes me laugh. First, ur, Ugly education is showing, u can’t spell and ur English composition is horrible. Now calling me savage is the perception of thy own self. While u call me a savage, I think of my self as someone who sees evil, such as ugly, then I must help correct or destroy evil by any way I can but especially through prayer. I pray for the lost souls who went to the communist training center called ugly, aka Thug U, aka U Cockroaches of LA. I also take on the hatred spew from such malcontents such as u and reciprocate by defending what is good


  5. The alternative I have been hearing is Helton does duel duty as long as it’s not dueling to the death, I think someone needs to be brought in. This because the above mentioned alternative is never going to fly. A blind chicken with a play card could peck out a better play calling scheme than Clay Helton.


    1. Owns – you are an unwashed heathen. Plenty of you in today’s liberal/progressive California society. You are the sinner Christ came to save. Remember on your death bed you called Christ old and moldy. Believe me, he will have the last laugh. Eternity is a long time.


    1. Ha! [There’s no one left at Western Kentucky, Arturo. It had to close shop. Everybody’s at USC for triple the salary]…


  6. well,it sorta’ depends if he was hired away ’cause he was successful, or just replaced…although he sure quickly found someone to believe in his coaching…I am sure he is better than helton or anyone helton chose before.


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