USC Morning Buzz: Who You Gonna Believe?

A USC player informed me that Clay Helton told the Trojans that wide receiver Bru McCoy left “for family reasons.”

This explanation was widely panned within the team, the source said. But it gets better.

“I gave (McCoy) a hug and we were fine,” Helton reportedly told the Trojans.

Everything is OK, then.


29 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Who You Gonna Believe?

  1. Who really cares at this point, let’s just hope more players see the light, and either transfer, or decommit. Because I want the football program to crash and burn, so we can get the housecleaning started sooner than later

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      1. I was a hopeful fool two years ago. Then a fool last year. This year Swanny has made us into idiots..,,but at least I’m not a Bruin-they’re at least two levels below idiot.

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    1. From what the ESPN College Football Writer (I forget his name) his “CFB Bold Prediction of the 2019 Football Season” is Urban Meyer will be named the next Head Coach at USC.
      I take that as if he has heard something back in Ohio or Connecticut that its a serious possibility.
      Meyer’s health is definitely the hold up and important by far, but that prediction has to be from a source close to Meyer. Because they don’t make Saban/Meyer predictions or assumptions unless it is not gossip but floating with legs to be in the works.

      Now i ripped Meyer for the stuff with his asst coach. His personality has always irritated me, but he knows what elite football teams need to win.

      But i also just want everyone out. A 3-3 start in the first half of the season could be what does it.

      vs. Fresno St-They could surprise us in an emty Coliseum
      vs. Stanford- Always tough and right now is a time we dont want to face them early.
      @ B.Y.U.-Could be a big upset or worse getting physically pushed around.
      vs. Utah-I wouldn’t ever overlook Wittingham
      @ Washington-Tough to win in Seattle for any USC team. They play us tough.
      @ Notre Dame-They embarrassed us in South Bend last time.

      Helton won’t make it to November.

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      1. “3-3”? If this team plays like it did at the end of last season and probably a bit worse on defense, you’re looking at 1-5 or 0-6, not “3 and 3”. So, hopefully he will be replaced in the early season, with a deal with Meyer or another proven, top-flight coach already in place for 2020. I was begging for SC to hire Tom Herman in October 2015 up until the end of the season (when Sarkisian was fired), as he was an up-and-coming future great head coach, had SoCal ties and could do “more with less” talent-wise, and of course SC sits on its hands and makes interim Helckett the permanent head coach because he “just gets SC”. Like always. Management and leadership here is between dysfunctional and non-existent.

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      2. I could see USC going 1-5.

        No doubt.

        I’m with you on that. If they think the offseason was bad. It’s gonna get worse. They’re in for a rude awakening .


  2. The explanation given by Helton regarding Bru McCoy’s departure from SC was attributable to “family reasons”. . So were those family reasons associated with McCoy’s family not wanting their son to play and be under the tutelage of an HC that leaves something to be desired? I guess we will never know, since the supposed transparency that is conveyed to everyone about the status of the players on the SC squad will be, for some, suspect and questionable.

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    1. Ha! [The “family situation” Helton was referring to involved Bru’s dad telling Bru that he was going to be disinherited if he didn’t leave Helton and his Offensive Coordinator-less program behind ASAP]……

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      1. Hey MG: Being “disinherited” and/or “disowned” can be a Mothafu..ka! (Especially if it’s your mum and/or dad, or in my case mother-in-law (Lol)😎

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      2. drjess –I’ve found that being disowned by mothers-in-law has a lot of pluses…..

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  3. He went to Mater Dei, isn’t his family like 50 miles from the sc campus and about 1400 miles from Austin, tx?

    Either way, I’m with Fred – let it burn. It seems like the only way the administration will do anything about the coaching staff is if enough players transfer out that there isnt enough left to field a whole team.

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  4. Helton’s “hug stuff” is growing more and more sad. I would like my buddies on this site to search their memories for a single occasion in which another college football coach greeted bad news (e.g., “player slugs coach in the mouth”, “player complains that practices are a joke”, “player skips practice altogether”, “player curses out coaches during game” “player leaves school”, “player ‘retires’ before game”, etc.) with the statement “It’s all good —hugs all around.” It’s lame. It’s insulting. And it makes the program look more foolish and out of touch with reality.

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  5. Imho, there’s more to this drama queen than has hit the gossip mill. He & his family were & have been familiar with SC for a long time. No surprises.
    You never know if the recruitment was up for auction & a better offer came in after the first close. It’s happened before.
    I hate to see SC get played but it happened to CAL with Robertson a couple of years ago & after he was a freshman All American at CAL, he’s only caught a couple of passes for Georgia in two years. His excuses were numerous but his uncle’s death was priceless. He did it for ‘family reasons’.

    Texas has a passing game? Really?

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    1. Im in agreement. J.T. and Amon Ra are at USC and if that wasnt enough for McCoy to stay at a school that cherishes its wide receivers and has an excellent business network.. If you are good you should thrive where ever you are at. I think these kids believe their hype before they have proven themselves. We have Kyle Ford who benefits from McCoy leaving.


  6. Was on campus this morning s – all these beautiful girls attired like aspiring ‘hookahs’ then I realized – it’s rush week for the sororities. In front of Waite Phillips Hall and VKC they’re pulling the bike racks on Monday 28th Jan for some ‘event’ (not described) but not across at Founders. The racks are ‘bolted’ into the concrete.

    The new multi-media arts bldg. at Watt Way (totally blocked inbound from Expo) is going up fast – thankfully not the ‘cookie cutter modernism aka Richard Neutra (any Cal State Univ/College campus – VKC/Waite Phillips Hall) – an effort to resemble some classical lines.

    University Village north of Jefferson is becoming a welcoming place for everyone – students and non-students alike…..brilliant idea getting rid of that awful eyesore that was there for decades. Security portals esp. on Jefferson are up – small opening to Jefferson from ‘old’ Hoover to actual Hoover – looks a lot like a sluice for an abattoir only missing the judas goat.

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    1. Rusoviet: It has been nearly twenty (20) years since I tooled around the SC campus. I’m sure things have changed since then.
      I must admit that the “fine coeds” around the bike racks during that time were my biggest distractions while in pursuit of the doctorate…

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      1. Amen bruddah amen! The whole area is changing with every passing year. Gentrification in all directions and amazingly – south – new multi-residences on MLK at Hoover directly across from the Coli on the south side….Honda is putting in a big office bldg. just east of that just before Fig. There’s even some tendrils peeping past the harbor Frwy east of Hope.

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  7. Bru and his family are moving to Austin Texas. They see Bru as a corporation and fleeing California like most ate doing was the best thing to do


      1. Linkster:

        Just a typical Clown U F**K up whiner – nothing but lame excuses, excuses, excuses, and more excuses.

        Nikias plucks his lyre as Clown U simmers in the leftover Nikias pig fat grease.

        SUCCX, the pig knuckles of private, American, Methodist Universities.


      2. No sooner has the state rid itself through term limits, from Jerry (love abortions) Brown than it is now governed by Matthew McConaughey’s look-alike….Gavin the ‘Breck Boy’ Newsom. demoncrats


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