USC Sunday Buzz: Who You Gonna Believe On Bru McCoy?

I’m going to start listing reasons I’ve heard why Bru McCoy left USC.

These differ sharply from what Clay Helton said to the Trojans, which I reported here.

No. 1: McCoy noticed during his two weeks at USC that no one worked hard, according to two USC players.

The January workouts/practices were a continuation of what happened in the fall, despite Lynn Swann’s promise otherwise. McCoy is a bright guy and it struck him immediately. He knew if he wanted to be part of a successful program, a shoddy winter workout program with poor work ethic was a recipe for disaster.


19 thoughts on “USC Sunday Buzz: Who You Gonna Believe On Bru McCoy?

  1. Great conversation starter (as usual), Scott. Congrats. But neither of the stories printed here over the last 24 hours is the true reason Bru is leaving. He’s not leaving cuz of “family.” And he’s not leaving cuz of USC’s lack of “work ethic.” It’s a whole lot simpler than that —he’s leaving cuz he was told a lie: Kliff Kingsbury was going to design an offense around him. [And it —probably —-doesn’t help that, after all this time, there’s been no announcement of another big name O.C. —or quarterback coach or receivers coach]…

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      1. Pudly —You’re right. Keary Colbert IS our receivers coach. Keary is good (very good college player, okay pro– for 1st year, okay assistant coach at various places since then) —but, if we’re gonna be as pass oriented as I think we’re gonna be in 2019, we need somebody better. Helton is just an average coach — averagely smart, averagely innovative, zero charisma—-who needs absolutely top talent around him. I thought that was the message behind the message when Swann said we’re gonna “do what Notre Dame did 2 years ago” and completely upgrade & overhaul the coaching staff. But that’s NOT what we’re doing. There’s now talk that USC is going after various small college coaches who understand the air raid offense (they’re being referred to on other sites as “Kingsbury lite”) —-but if that’s true, why did USC waiting so fricking long to close the deal? The only excuse USC had for crawling along like slugs was that they wanted a certain NFL coach so they had to wait til after the Super Bowl. Now it turns out they don’t even have that excuse. And God help poor Helton if he can’t even land one of the ‘Kingsbury lite’ guys cuz he waited too long.

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      2. Micheal, we’ll see who the coach turns out being. Maybe Harrell. But we’ll see. Doesn’t matter about KK “lite” or not, because they’re all Leach knockoffs anyway, if it is him.
        As far as the ND thing, I don’t give a rat’s ass, as they say. All the crying in the world won’t change anything anyway. So why waste my time. I like the football, not the politics of it.

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  2. I’m gonna believe the guy with all the unnamed sources…and the proven track record of fairness, attention to detail and journalistic integrity..


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  3. There’s a vast difference with the growth between the Texas, and USC football programs, and guess which coach got a head start over the other? And I’m sure local high school players, and coaches are starting to take notice at how players are not developing under Bozo Helton and his staff. Because too many 4&5 star players are disappearing once they commit to the Trojans

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  4. MG mentioned that Swann was going to do what Notre Dame did relative to coaches at SC. Now there’s folks who talk “out of their hat”, “talk out of their ass” , “talk out of both sides of their mouths, or “just talk just to be talking”. Now which one of the said applies to SC’s infamous AD? Moreover, his HC follows him around like a lost dog without a master. I apologize for using these crude analogies, but I just can’t seem to cut the undynamic duo any slack these days unfortunately…

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  5. MG: So if Harrell is Helton’s “saving grace”, then i guess there may be a chance that SC won’t get spanked in their first game with the Fresno State Bulldogs…

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    1. Let’s take a look at this, drjess—- we have a first rate air raid running backs coach (courtesy of Kliff Kingsbury), we have a great new d-line coach, a way improved o-line coach and, in Harrell, a superb QB coach.
      USC’s chances just went from zero to everything —-Harrell is the straw that stirs the drink.

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  6. MG: I’ll be drinking a single-family malt “neat” during that first game (not at the Coliseum). You can have that one with the straw and little umbrella hanging on the side of it😎✌️

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  7. It helps if asst coaches know real football, but if helton is still running things and practices are like last year…the season come fall will be even worse than last year.
    Spring ball sets the tone,and fall camp sets it in cement. teams play as they practice.


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