Cornerback Jaylen Watson Commits To USC

Ventura College cornerback Jaylen Watson committed to USC today.

Now here is the entertaining part: Watson said his top five was UTEP, Toledo, Texas Tech and Boise State.

But Texas Tech and Boise State did NOT offer him a scholarship.

Oregon State, BYU, Florida Atlantic, Fresno State, Toledo, UTEP, Akron, Liberty, Middle Tennessee State, New Mexico and Old Dominion, South Alabama and Youngstown State did offer him.

So that is where USC recruiting is these days.



10 thoughts on “Cornerback Jaylen Watson Commits To USC

  1. Where did Ben Rothlisberger go to school? Tony Romo? I suppose you can’t be good unless you go to a big school, huh scottie? Jerry Rice was turned down by scottie too because it’s who offers, not how good you are…
    By that token, where does scottie rank as a journalist?


      1. Good post. JUCOs can be hit and miss, but SC has a good track record with them. Talent is everywhere and a lot times these recruiting websites look only at the players that attend “big” camps. In fact, it could be argued that a lot of these players- who train year round and have been playing since they could walk- have taken a pounding and wear and tear on their bodies…Now I’m on a tangent… good post.

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  2. I’m ok with this … if he can play, he can play. I’ve had enough recently if these so called 4 & 5 star stiffs who cannot play.
    We need corners let’s see what he’s got.


  3. Nothing against Jayleen Watson, because he may be an outstanding addition. But you can clearly see the desperation among the coaching staff to acquire players , USC has now become a school that’s looked at as a secondary choice among the elite athletes, when did that ever happen? This reminds me of the Larry Smith era, because he struggled with recruiting, and had to revert to going after community college players


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