Graham Harrell Expected To Become Offensive Coordinator

Oklahoma State has hired  Princeton offensive coordinator Sean Gleeson to be its new offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach.

That is relevant because Graham Harrell was reportedly being considered by USC and Oklahoma State to become offensive coordinator.

The North Texas site reports Harrell will become USC’s next offensive coordinator.

The only real question is whether Harrell or Clay Helton will get to choose the starting quarterback. Harrell doesn’t have Kliff Kingsbury’s reputation so we will see how much power he really has.


29 thoughts on “Graham Harrell Expected To Become Offensive Coordinator

  1. This gives Graham Harrell a chance to double his salary on a two year contract, that will probably only require his services for one. And I’m sure he could careless about the authority he’ll be given, because USC’s record will always reflect on Clueless Clay Helton.

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  2. This should be easy. Harrell is very effective. UNT was a train wreck before he arrived, and he completely turned around the offense.

    So unless you think Helton doesn’t value keeping his job, he will let Harrell call the plays.

    BTW, imagine what Scotty would have said if SC hired the Princeton offensive coordinator who went to Oklahoma State.

    Scotty would have said:

    “A hire from Princeton? This is the depths that USC has sunk to! Why is Lynn Swann tolerating this? Was Swann on the golf course when the hire was made? Where will the next USC hire come from? Yale or Harvard?”

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    1. Scott has already set up Harrell for failure. Imagine if he chooses JT of his own volition! My goodness scottie, you’ll have a dozen unnamed teammates and coaches complaining before the first game…shameless.

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      1. Pudly —Harrell is very good. But I’ve heard him interviewed and he’s no Kliff Kingsbury. Maybe he”ll grow into the role —he’s definitely got the goods.
        My question is —why the fuck did they wait this long if they weren’t waiting on Fisch? Maybe we could have held on to Bru if he knew we had an experienced air raid guy coming on board.

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      2. Maybe Harrell wanted to make sure there weren’t any crazy nfl offers out there? I mean his buddy just won the nfl job lottery after getting fired from TT.

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      3. The #1 thing that concerns me about Harrell is that he’s possibly not politically savvy enough to deal with Helton (who’s only average as a coach but the devil in disguise when it comes to the politics of coaching).
        If Harrell has a REAL say in the way practices are run (which I doubt) and has the absolute last word on play calling (which I doubt), this might work out.

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      4. Well I guess then your name would be better suited to be Thomas than Michael!! Ha.
        As far as I’m concerned, he took the job to increase his resume, it’s on him to do it. Why would he leave his job just to get punked? He could’ve gone with Gundy at Ok St and done just fine for himself.

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      5. Pudly —My last post was referring to the video you posted! I hope everybody watches it —in “Star Wars” terms: The New Hope! Maybe we win Pac 12 Championship with this guy!

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    2. Didn’t Howard Jones come from Yale? And what did he do? I will tell ya what he did, yes, he came from Yale and he won three national championships while at SC. He also beat the Catholics, nd, before they became the Pagan Catholics.


    1. Alv —we don’t have an all night schedule for 2019 —-so sometimes Helton will be asking, “Is it this AFTERNOON?”

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  3. Methinks the OC Harrell loves to hear himself scream and shout because it was clear the players weren’t paying attention. WHY, why, why, why……..

    SUCCX went fishing months for Marlin but landed a guppy.



  4. Well the thing I thought of right away with the video was teaching Daniels the footwork. Tired of seeing him throw off his back foot. But you figure someone would have worked with him on that by now!


    1. I’m paraphrasing Mike Tyson GT, but most QB’s worry about their footwork until they’re punched in the mouth.

      E. J. Daniels doesn’t like to get smacked and he’s to slow to run for his life.

      Anybody can play QB behind the superior Mater Dei O/L.


  5. Like

  6. USC football will continue its downward spiral as long as the Trojans have Swann and Helton around. Those two idiots have no balls and they’re clueless. Neither one can make a decision and if they do it’s not one of their own seeing how they’re both “Yes men”. Couple of damn clowns is what they are.


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