The Recruiting Hits Keep Coming

Safety Kaulana Makaula of Honolulu committed to USC on Sunday night.

His TWO other offers? Hawaii and BYU. That’s right, two offers.



20 thoughts on “The Recruiting Hits Keep Coming

    1. If he, or any other 3-star recruit that has signed this year and that SW has dogged on this blog (like a frog or a hog) does well during his SC career, then SW needs to apologize to them and their families.


      1. Arturo, you need apologize NOW!! You know nothing! Scott Wolf is the finest journalist in all the earth! Do not speak of what you do not know! Now shut your piehole and get me a mulita with carne asada and extra queso!


      1. The word on clay matthews is that he “putts from the rough” ” a real bright burning flame in the locker room… the others give him five star for his “extracurricular” activities!


  1. Swann: So, Urban, how long will it take for you to take over the program?
    Meyer: I gotta let some bad stuff die down a little and let Helton really make a mess of things so that when I take over and turn things around, I ll look really good.
    Swann: So you’re saying about a year?
    Meyer: One condition- if you show your face anywhere where I am at..
    Swann: Dont worry, I will be golfing.
    Meyer; See ya in a year. In the meantime, don’t call me, I’ll call…
    Swann: I know I know…you ‘ ll call me.


  2. I have no problem with offering lower ranked players. USC is recruiting way too many polynesians. You can find so many under recruited black athletes in the south that are better than the best Polynesian in Hawaii

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    1. Hey Quincy: Please be careful about race. Ronnie Lott (Black and SC All American, All Pro) was one of the baddest safetys to ever play the game. Similarly, Troy Palamalu (SC All American and All Pro and Pacific Island boy) would bring new meaning to the phrase “ring my cell” during his playing days at SC and the Steelers. To balance all this out, we need to have an outstanding Asian step into the picture. Can we all just get along?


    2. I remember reading an SI article way back that documented the rising number of eligible D1 football players hailing from the island of Tonga. Something like 1 out of every 8 had D1 ability and measurables. Be careful not to categorize or stereotype players from a certain race or ethnicity; it just belong here or anywhere else in the civilized world.


  3. Hey … again lets see if the kid can play … is he hungry ?? Does he make plays ? If so don’t worry about stars.
    We’ve been recruiting so many SoCal softies for the past few years and with the deteriorating football quality around here we need to look beyond for better players. Sam & St Brown are the only 2 guys recently from here who’ve lived up to the hype for us.


  4. It would be interesting to see in a formal study the performance progression of players ranked and started. To say that a “5 star” will perform at that level in college is a misnomer in my humble opinion. Furthermore, I think performance is relatively to the player and not so much his blood composition. As a person of Hispanic heritage, I always pay attention to those standouts in sports with that heritage. One of the hardest tight ends in college and the pros was Tony Gonzalez. He went to Cal and not SC unfortunately. He played for the Chiefs and they could have used his skillet against the Patriots in the AFC Championship game.
    Regarding the players from the Pacific Islands, we need to remember Junior Seau (SC and San Diego Chargers great).


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