USC Morning Buzz: Another Reason Bru McCoy Left

I’m going to keep listing real reasons I’ve heard Bru McCoy left. The first was mentioned here.

Here’s another one: McCoy noticed USC players were going through the motions during his two weeks and started to wonder if anyone wanted to win? It was the opposite of the feeling he got at Texas. It didn’t help that his friends at USC also noticed it. It got to be too much to handle so he felt he had to leave.


37 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Another Reason Bru McCoy Left

  1. Bru McCoy is gone, he will not be back, he has ceased to be a Trojan, he has joined the choir bovine, he is not inside USC any longer. If he had been patient he might have been someone to be talked about.

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  2. Bru left ok .. leave it … he didn’t care for Helton or the atmosphere that’s fine that’s his choice let’s move on. I think we can all agree Helton & Swann are jokes and until we have a new president not much if anything is going to change –


  3. Just looked at the recruiting class again. Geez, how unimpressive. Only two on the O-Line. I wouldn’t be concerned if the staff actually developed these guys. But they don’t.


    1. @ Fred, Amen brudda…. Herman blew us up in toughness, discipline, preparation and most especially with in game adjustments. I cringed watching our lines, especially Calloway’s get dominated in the trenches. Some of the things that Swanny indicated were going to change, (and as of now have not) really told a story. USC was a dream for young Horace (Bru) and the McCoy family. The revelations he probably experienced after he committed must have been shocking and vastly disappointing to him and his entire family. Even more stunning is that Bro’s bro’s from MDHS couldn’t or didn’t hook up with him and as a group addressed the concerns to Coach, thusly losing him before any type of organizational damage control could have been applied.
      I’m very disappointed and in some way worried that Swann’s inaction was the wrong decision re: Helton’s retention. The next question, does Clay even see Notre Dame this season? If the Coli attendance averages sub 40K is Swannie still here also?


  4. May I offer a differing opinion? It’s not ALL gloom and doom, guys. IF Harrell takes over the offense, there’s a ton of talent for him to work with. I was concerned that Helton or Drevno was going to end up—by default — running the offense. That would have spelled 12 losses in a row. But Harrell is the straw that stirs the drink. Pieces—solid o-line and running back coaches —that didn’t quite come together without a top notch O.C. now fit perfectly into the puzzle. Add in a very good d-line coach and USC’s chances for a strong 2019 season just went from zero to outstanding.

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    1. We can hope that Harrell is his own man..I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. This is in direct opposition to scottie, who doubts any benefit.

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      1. If Helton just gets outta the way & lets the new guy loose —and also drops the 1930’s Hollywood parish priest act (it cuts against discipline)—- USC can kick ass this season.
        [I’d like to see the guy that led USC to 9 victories in a row, culminating in the Rose Bowl, ride off into the sunset a winner].

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      2. I take it that the “ride off into the sunset” is the key to your statement, along with many others. Ha!
        I don’t care who coaches or how, I’m all Al Davis on this issue,”just win baby!”.

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      3. MG, if Helton does win 9 in a row- can he still ride off into the sunset and let Urban take over?



  5. Texas? JHC, CAL beat them in a home & home in 2015 & 2016. So two years later, Texas has turned around & pitched itself as the second coming?

    If he had good judgement then why didn’t he chose Alabama, Georgia or Clemson?
    High school seniors are still teenagers. McCoy is living proof.


  6. Scott, why does it seem that you’re constantly trying to push a negative agenda or convince us of something (and another reason … and another one) … instead of just talking football?

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  7. If Scott had any ‘Inside’ knowledge at all, he would also know that until today, January 28th, there were no structured workouts. Due to NCAA rules, prior to today, all workouts were voluntary and what they call ‘discretionary’, therefore no attendance could be taken, and the workouts (if any) were done at each student-athlete’s discretion (for example, between class, tutors, & academic commitments). Players could, and did, workout on their own, and in small groups, but nothing could be structured or monitored by coaches, simply due to NCAA rules. It is very natural for these workouts, though still happening, to be a little looser due to the fact that they could not be mandated, structured, or organized by any staff members.

    Therefore the reasoning that Bru left because players were “going through the motions” is simply little Scotty No Source speculating because he wants to spin the story to his narrative. Great reporting Scott…

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    1. “Covered”?? C’mon, we all know Scott isn’t even allowed on campus anymore. He couldn’t score a credential to cover anything if his life depended on it. Scott might be more persona non grata on USC’s campus than OJ… I wish I was wrong, but I’m not.

      We all know Scott covers anything USC from his mom’s couch and relies on second & third-hand information.


  8. He walked into a situation that was only gonna hold him back and I don’t blame the kid for not wanting to be around a bad environment.


    1. Totally agree with you, Sammy. Too bad these kids can’t see past their next meal and envision the future. I mean there is a good chance that Helton won’t be around too long and SC sets you up for nice in SoCal (Texas does as well, but then you have to live there. Yikes!)


      1. Yeah I feel the same. I would think Amon-Ra St. Brown and/or Solomon Tuliaupupu would have made a pitch to talk McCoy into staying. Still his father wasn’t happy with everything going on and I can’t blame any of these kids. I personally feel Helton won’t make it past the Notre Dame game and will be fired and the dark clouds may finally part for something positive. We’ve become CFB’s biggest offseason story for bad news. I think a losing season was enough but the days since have completely hurt our program when we would see players go to Texas (McCoy), Florida (C. Steele) and the #1 DB in the Nation leave Bosco for nope not SC, UCLA or any Pac12 program but for LSU. USC is begging 3-Star Jucos to fill the class and this is as bad as I can remember. Losing Ramsey, Vanderdoes, Fitts in 2012 didn’t feel as bad as this stuff. Helton’s had an alarming number of players leave the program from transferring or dismissal. The only way this will stop is when Helton is removed. Until then my good man i think this will be the weekly noise from USC. We’ll start to hear players from the 2020 class drop SC from consideration soon. Arturo, bro! Helton had the opportunity to hire Dave Aranda as our DC and chose to pass on him without even at least interviewing the guy.
        That rivals the Dodgers trading Pedro Martinez.


  9. from the old days
    Need to think about Norm Chow
    Even though he didn’t do well at Hawaii, he led SC offense and if he had been at the Offensive Coordinator when they played Texas, SC would have won.


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