The Casual Pace Of Change Under Clay Helton

Kliff Kingsbury quit on Jan. 7 and it took until Sunday for Clay Helton to interview Graham Harrell?

There are recruits waiting to know what is going on. There are current players waiting to know what is going on. Bru McCoy wanted to know what was going on.

But Helton’s worked at his own speed with the blessing of Lynn Swann.

Good to see all the changes taking place since the season ended.


30 thoughts on “The Casual Pace Of Change Under Clay Helton

  1. Clay Helton is moving at a snails pace because nobody credible wants to join his staff. If you remember, Steve Sarkisian had the same problem after he declared, that he was going to hire the best staff in college football during his press conference . Then a espn staff writer revealed, that nobody wanted to join Sarkisian, so Pat Haden had to over pay the average assistant, or end up with a full staff with the likes of a Bob Connelly, and Helton.

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    1. Hey Fred: Helton should change his first name to either “Mud” and/or “Turtle” because the progress that is being made is akin to being in mud, and/or moving like an incredibly slow tortoise going down the track and trying so hard to beat those hares with names like Bama, Longhorns, etc. across the finish line…


    1. Ha! Very funny. And on the money. [But I’d hate to think of how few people would come here if the blogger decided to be slower on the trigger]…..


      1. Pudly —I shoulda known that any ‘too quick on the trigger’ comments would be subjects to ‘gags’ —-oh shit, here we go again….


      1. Michael I’m in favor of kids transferring and the portal just gives more schools the ability to recruit transfers and increasing the choices for the athletes…after all, coaches don’t have to honor contracts to teams, why shouldn’t students who don’t get paid have the same free market ability to take their talents where they see fit. JMHO

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      2. I believe firmly that future generations will look back at the portal and see that it marked the end of western civilization…..

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      3. Sam —- I’ve got it! The portal is an illusion. Helton is being tested by “Q.”


  2. A comment about basketball. I saw this week’s top 25 and not one PAC-12 school is represented. Washington is undefeated in conference and a solid record overall, but ranked outside the top 25. That just shows how things are going for the PAC-12! No respect across the country! Very sad.

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      1. …On the other hand, G.T., it’s gonna be hard to keep us outta the Top 25 if we win the NCAA Tournament….


    1. Nikias’ plan is not exactly working to ‘perfection’, tebowobama. Max wanted to de-emphasize the football program—-not de-atomize it.


  3. The same comment from me twice. My bad.

    But 4 WR’s gone since December from transferring. It’s just a matter of time before a QB jumps ship and a big name follows like Amon-Ra.

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    1. Actually, Sam —-IF we get Harrell …and we keep the guys we have left….we’re good to go in 2019.
      Question, Sam: Does the fucked- up- the- ass NCAA allow for a non practice-related football meeting during this time period in the event of an emergency? Are we allowed to stop the ‘portal” bleeding? If the team needs to hear from the head coach that the ship has been steadied and an O. C. has been hired is it okay to meet with the players for that purpose and that purpose alone?

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      1. Thank you for that, Pudly! [Time to “give players notice of meeting to explain changes in schedule and program….”]…….


      2. They are allowed to meet.
        I would hope we have a new leader emerge Mike so he can rally the men to stay focused and not pay attention to the sh** around there feet.
        Helton also should gather them because who knows what they feel now about him at the current state of things.
        He’s like the coach in Basketball that doesn’t foul to stop the clock and put the opponent on the line but allows them to dribble off running the clock out.
        Helton is incompetent.


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