Wide Receiver Josh Imatorbhebhe Transfers

Another day, another wide receiver leaves.

Josh Imatorbhebhe announced he was leaving USC today. He barely played so it makes sense. He joins Trevon Sidney, Randal Grimes and Bru McCoy as receivers who have left. And don’t be surprised if more players join them.

Do you find it strange some of these guys are leaving even as USC looks ready to switch to an Air Raid offense?

It shows you that they feel Clay Helton plays favorites and won’t play them no matter how many receivers the offense requires.


23 thoughts on “Wide Receiver Josh Imatorbhebhe Transfers

  1. Update: Soon to be Offensive Coordinator (or else we are SO dead), Graham Harrell, is demanding that Helton’s title be changed back to “Interim Head Coach” (reports say he initially lobbied for Helton’s title to be changed to “Very Interim Head Coach” or “Interim Head Coach for 2019”—–but, roughly 30 minutes ago, dropped these demands in exchange for a promise that he would make nine and a half times Helton’s salary for as long as Helton stays).

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      1. Wow! Next to scottie and swanson he’s the most accurate and least biased reporter covering the Trojans. Well, if you read it on the interweb, it must be true…

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      2. Wish I could get back to you more fully on that, Pudly —–but I just saw an article on another site saying that the University of Hawaii has declared war on the Island Of Maui.

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      3. Pudly —As of 10 minutes ago (seriously, this time —but I feel like the guy who cried Scott Wolf), Wikipedia has Graham Harrell as Offensive Coordinator for USC.

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  2. It appears that these negotiations regarding Harrell are very interesting and setting a precedent in terms of temporary coaches being called “Very Interim” and “Interim coach for 2019”. I have never heard or seen this, and if it’s a first, then SC will have the dubious distinction of setting the trend.
    It’s only speculation, but I would think that Harrell is just trying to set the stage for an HC gig like Kingsbury did. These accomplished QBs know that being an HC with a noted program will translate into “Cha ching” with a multi-million dollar deal. And, Harrell knows that if he doesn’t turn it around, that he will need to be bought out of his contract. I’m not a legal eagle, but I think Harrell will be in “tall cotton” all the way around, unless the SC legal eagles only draw up a two year deal, as opposed to a five year that seems to be commonplace.


      1. RB: Please note that I am not always right with my perspective. And, if someone provides counterpoint, then I will listen to it attentively. Sometimes emotions will cloud reason on issues. Since I don’t want to be like my wife, I will try keep it void of emotion (Lol)..


  3. All of these great classes of WRs reminds me of when Pete Carroll recruited a ton of RBs. At one point, all of the following were on the roster at the same time: the late Joe McKnight, CJ Gable, Stephon Johnson, Emmanuel Moody, Curtis McNeal, Broderick Green, Marc Tyler, and Allen Bradford. Green and Moody eventually transferred and did little at wherever they ended up. All but McNeal- who ended up as a feature back during his Sr. year- ended up in the pros with CJ still playing in the CFL as of last year. I thought Bradford was gonna switch over to D as he was a beast in high school at the LB position.

    Those were some talented, talented teams. The WRs on SC’s roster would do well if they just stuck around to save their bodies from too much wear and tear yet still sharpen their skills via the dreaded 7-on 7 drills. I think that they would eventually end up on some pro roster as the competition in practice- regardless of what Helton does- would be fierce. Iron sharpens iron.


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