Tim Rossovich Memorial

There was a nice turnout at the 901 club on Sunday for the Tim Rossovich Memorial.

Legendary USC assistant coach Dave Levy was a speaker along with All-American lineman Ron Yary and safety Mike Battle, who was Rossovich’s partner in crime. The emcee was Justin Dedeaux, son of legendary USC baseball coach Rod Dedeaux.

I’ve recounted some of the wild Rossovich stories here.

The 9-0 was packed and Rossovich’s family brought his letterman’s jackets and lettermen’s sweater.

Several strangers approached me. One wanted to tell that JT Daniels should be the starting quarterback. I disagreed. So he took a selfie.

Another guy asked me to be more positive (after a 5-7 season). I didn’t want to debate him so I just asked what there was to be positive about. He told me he was a regular reader/commenter on this blog, which I appreciated. I told him I would look for his comments to be nice. He thinks I secretly read the comments. I can’t remember his name or I would list it so you can read his no-doubt angry comments about me.



23 thoughts on “Tim Rossovich Memorial

  1. Hello Scott – the person you were referring to when you were speaking to Justin at the bar was me- aka Linkster. Why would I be angry with you. I feel sorry for you. Your incessant negative vibe is a total turnoff. You can be truthful and I think everyone appreciates candor. But you are always beating a dead horse. Be thankful you are talking about a great school which is going thru a difficult time. Oh that’s right – you don’t read the comments. ROTFLMAO!!


    1. I’m proud of USC and I didn’t even go there. The level of accomplishment that your alumni has attained speaks for itself. There are also great bloggers here (MG, Pud, 67, 04, Alv, yourself and many more) who deserve a better beat writer. Honestly, I come to read their comments as SW usually just puts out the same stuff over and over again (i do appreciate his straightforwardness though).


    2. Whoa, the Missing Link, what a SuperStar. You got in Wolf ‘s grill, and lo and behold, he ignored you. And why shouldn’t he?

      You’re a pissant rah-rah, sunshine pumping loser. In your world ML, Wolf should read you a bedtime story every night after you change into your PJ’s. “Gossh Mr. Wulfff, wead me fairytale story.”

      “How about the one where coach ain’tfield goes undefeated 3 times and wins 10 tournament NCAA BB NC’s.

      I think the thing that really pisses the Rah-Rah’s off is Wolf writes the truth and doesn’t give a crap whether SP’ers like it or not.

      Can Wolf help it that Andyain’twinning is 2 – 20 vs top 25 ranked teams?

      Can Wolf help it the” Elite” (LFOL) SUCCX FB program is, on a scale of 1 – 5, is a negative -2.5?

      Missing Link, because you’re you, I’m going to mention something the bozorinos will be truly proud of – Max Nikias still lives in the Clown U, President’s San Marino mansion. Sleep tight Linky. I’ll leave the light on for you.


      1. Ah, the Cerritos alum speaks. He who has no formal education and it clearly shows. One who lives vicariously off a POS blog by Wolf because his school doesn’t have a blog. Wolf didn’t ignore me, he mentioned me. His attendance at this event was an embarrassment. He caters to pricxks like you, trolls with no life. Your interpretation of my sentiments are 100% wrong. I want Swann and Helton gone now. But how would a unwashed heathen who supported HRC know that. How are the food stamps holding up? Get a job or a life and do something positive instead of trolling a school you couldn’t get into.


    3. Feel sorry for yourself. You don’t have any pride in your beloved University’s football team, and you embrace mediocrity. Rossovich didn’t. Battle didn’t. Although not perfect nor the best AD, Garrett didn’t. You and your ilk tolerate mediocrity and losers, but get bent out of shape when a fellow alum / writer makes criticism of a DEAD football program that rankles you, and spoils the seven-layer bean dip and chardonnay tailgates before losing home games to Kal or Arizona State. Don’t shoot the messenger. Channel your angst into writing the Board of Trustees loser, Swan and your god, Clay Helckett.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You sir can kiss my ass. Go take a look at my post yesterday on another rival blog other than this POS. I spend my time on TDB rather than listen to Wolf whine and cry. But since I saw his fat, bald face at Rossovich memorial I had to tell him what I thought. Wolf didn’t belong there. Rossovich and Battle would have both thrown him to the curb. I knew Rossovich and Battle and played BB with Garrett all the time. So don’t tell me what they did and thought. My sentiment is that this FB program is putrid and should be blown up and started again. I know people on the BOT and have expressed myself. So get off your moral high horse, like you are some sort of noble Trojan and STFU and do something yourself. I played on a NCAA championship team at USC. You? I didn’t think so. Don’t lecture me on standards of excellence when you have none of your own.


      1. I could care less if the media comes to Tim’s memorial. As usual he sat on his ass and did nothing constructive. I expressed what most people think, Scott is a negative, unhappy person, that is his right, but he could be a lot more constructive with honest candor not just negative shit all the time.


  2. “Mike Battle, who was Rossovich’s partner in crime. ”

    I see what you did there Wolfman! Crime is synonymous with everything southern cal! i.e. OJ’s “partner in crime” was Al Cowling! puhahahah



  3. Happy Birthday Tom Selleck, you are 74 years old today. Why am I writing this in this particular blog you may ask? I am writing this because I had heard that Selleck and Rossivich were roommates at SC. Both are great Trojans and should be mentioned in high regard. God Bless both of them.


      1. Teddy, Teddy, Teddy, only a pervert from U Cockroache of LA will think deep and insidious thoughts. (Look up the word). SC did not allow players to have their own room like Rosen with a spa.


  4. Hey, Linkster, my father played on a National Championship FOOTBALL team at USC (not men’s volleyball or baseball), and he feels the same way as I do. So you can gargle my sack, and his too, while you’re at it, you milky-licker. His teammates that he regularly speaks with agree. If you really did play football (I doubt it), you must’ve been one of the milquetoasts from the one-loss, one-tie ’74 team that produced our last two feckless, inexperienced, overpaid, INEPT athletic directors, schmuck. I don’t have any issue with you giving anyone a piece of your mind (especially in-person at a wake/memorial service) if you feel strongly about something. My point is you’re channeling your angst at the wrong source, primarily because you don’t like what you read….the truth about our F’ed up BOT, football program and athletic department leadership. Next time I’m in LA, I can sit down with a box of crayons and diagram it for you, slowly, so you can follow along and understand.


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