Reports: Graham Harrell Accepts USC Offer

North Texas offensive coordinator Graham Harrell finally accepted the USC job tonight according to multiple reports.

This has to be better than Jedd “the” Fisch and is definitely better than Tim Drevno becoming offensive coordinator.

It only works, however, if Harrell has complete control of the offense and gets to decide who starts at quarterback. We shall see.



22 thoughts on “Reports: Graham Harrell Accepts USC Offer

  1. Inevitable conversation between Graham Harrell and Clay Helton this spring:
    Harrell: I need to run the offense without any more interference.
    Helton: I never interfere —I only help where I can.
    Harrell: Cut the crap.

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    1. Harrell: “Why is it that you (Helton) don’t believe in having the players wear pads and hit during practice?” “And why are some of the players not suited up, eating ice cream on the sidelines?”

      Helton: “That’s just how we roll here now at USC.”

      Harrell: “And who gave the players ice cream”?

      Helton: “The Good Humor guy…A.D. Lynn Swann.”


  2. AND he has complete control as to type of practices…no shorts allowed…full prep in full pads SPRING AND FALL…no games are played in shorts and no practices should be in shorts…and never pass up a practice opportunity.

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    1. Hey Tim: I agree wholeheartedly with you
      regarding practices. And, if the players compete aggressively with each other like back in the day with Pete Carroll, then perhaps we may just see the progress that everyone is hoping and dreaming about.

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  3. I like it .. 33 and has a nice lineage … most importantly should have a N Tx / Tx and OK talent pipeline of studs …
    At this point I’d rather have a 3 star TX kid than 5 star So cal kid.

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  4. Well well well……..say hello to the new era of chuck-n-duck at USC (University of Slippery Coordinators). Clay needs to set his jaw, give Swann a big hug, then GTF outta the way.
    Faith, Family and Football better start looking more like First Downs, Finishing and Fight On.

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  5. Harrell will have to get used to reviewing tape before Clay hands over control of the offense. Clay and Harrell will discuss game strategy while eating ice cream in the film room.

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  6. Do people actually believe that Graham Harrell, or any other offensive coordinator will change the culture at USC ? Clay Helton is going into his 4th year, and has never put an emphasis on tough physical football. He signs 4&5 star lineman, but they disappear, after a few seasons.

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    1. The real problem is that he puts an emphasis on tough physical play calling without tough physical personnel. At least Harrell will quickly get the ball out in space, away from our anemic OL, and into the hands of our play makers.


    2. Fred: I get where you’re coming from. But you know Fred, even with a “great culture”, e.g., at Bama, Clemson, the talented 4 and 5 star studs may split anyway when some of their buds who got drafted into the NFL early in their third year start rapping about the dinero that are pulling down at the next level. It’s like being on the street around “street walkers”. If you know you can score with a high class “call girl”, why be content with the standard street corner has to offer?


  7. Coach Harrell, Welcome to USC.

    Helton, get the heck out of the way of Coach Harrell. Helton, who is running the weight and conditioning program right now? Helton, the only way you win is being the weight room and on the field running gassers right now. Right now is the time to get in tip top shape and staying there.

    Helton, the only time they wear shorts and helmets is the day before the game, all other practices are physical, demanding, and seeing guys puke on the field because of the demand that you expect from them. This ain’t the panzy as$ school cross town called Thug U aka ugly aka U Cockroaches of L.A. aka U Clowns Lose Again, this is USC where National championships, Heismans, and Rose Bowls are demanded. This is USC where you beat the bamas, the nd’s, the ohio sts, and you take the panzy as# wipes from across town and you curb stomp them on national tv, to where the audience is pleading mercy from you.

    If you don’t understand this, then get the hell out of the way.

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    1. Pac-12fan: I guess the proof of the pudding with Harrell will be how many “W’s” are generated during his stint as OC. Moreover, I really hope that the “Song Girls” can come back from being black-balled and ostracized…


  8. I’ve been critical about the “undynamic duo”over the past several months. Now with the “new kid” in town, I decided it would be prudent and reasonable to cut the young man some slack and see what he can do for SC’s football program. If the “W’s” come early in the season, then he might be considered a “dynamic solo”. However, if things start to go south throughout the entire season, I’m not certain about what my sentiments will be. Now if SC fares well against Stanfurd, FUCLA, and Cal, I may just give him the benefit of the doubt. If SC gets blown out of the water with the said teams, then I might send in a comment to this blog after a couple of single-malt doubles and lop Harrell together with the undynamic duo and label them the “three stooges”….

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    1. drjess—Might as well throw in Fresno State along with Cal, UCLA and Stanford —-it would be nice for Clay to win the coveted (by him) State Championship again!

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      1. MG: And if Helton wins that covered championship you mentioned, then he might begin drinking some good scotch in lieu of that caloric ice cream that has been the staple since his assignment as HC…


    2. I just hope he is a real football coach, and if helton tries the crap ass practices in shorts, he gets in heltons face and says ‘no way’…gets Swann involved, talks to media…this is last chance time…for this season…apparently the DC has no guts to stand up, maybe some seniors will rise up too…they have to be tired of the ass kickings,from athletes they used to compete with before helton.


    1. Pac-12 fan: I’m surprised Okla State didn’t grab him. Isn’t Harrell from that area and could have been a good fit for them?


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