Wide Receiver Trevon Sidney Transferring Too

Abandon, ship!

Wide receiver Trevon Sidney hasn’t played much so this isn’t surprising that he is also transferring.

But when you throw this into all the other developments, it is one more negative development for the program. It won’t affect USC’s prospects next season but it is one more player who can share a negative experience with USC. And maybe Bru McCoy heard plenty in his two weeks to get out of the McKay Center.


20 thoughts on “Wide Receiver Trevon Sidney Transferring Too

    1. Bottom line, Alv —we don’t absolutely need ANY particular receiver to stay (we’re loaded at that position —something even Scott acknowledges). But there really is gonna be hell to pay if Helton doesn’t keep Swann’s December pledge and announce SOON that we have Big Names coming in to take over as Offensive Coordinator and Defensive Coordinator, Quarterbacks Coach and Receivers Coach. We can’t keep moving the present crew around or moving graduate assistants up—the 2019 schedule will KILL them (and it’s not fair to the players to be coached by second raters —they’ve had enough of that).


      1. ANDY-BE-WINNING now though righ?

        Doesn’t matter who’s on hard times or who’s not.

        Andy’s boys could have nade that one look a lot worse.


      1. Funny, Sam! [You’re probably too young to remember this —but that’s exactly the disguise Floyd Patterson wore after getting knocked out by Sonny Liston in the first round]….


  1. The one-two punch composed of a losing season and uncertainty- to say the least- at the coaching level, is taking its toll on recruiting and player personnel. Trevon never developed the chemistry with JT Daniels as Deontay Burnett did with Sam Bam the second. He needed this to secure more playing time as he will never be able to match the raw talent of Devon Williams, Tyler Vaughns, Michael Pittman, or Amon-Ra, not to mention Kyle Ford (please, please sign) or even Puka Nacua (think he knew something about the McCoy situation and therefore stuck around?). Still, I wish both he and Bru nothing but the best at Texas and wherever Sidney ends up.


    1. Bru, I hope you have to sit out the year; there should be consequences to making a commitment and then backing out of it. Other than that, good luck McCoy!

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      1. In this case i agree because Bru was well aware of the possibilities going on that KK was trying or going or could leave USC. Now if there was nothing leading up and this was a bombshell out the blue then I’d say he may have a case. But just like Swann knew before he hired KK, Bru also knew before he made it official with USC. That is on him. I don’t blame him for leaving but if we have to go by rules like Mathew Thomas wanting out of FSU but Jimbo Fisher won’t let him be a Trojan when he told him my dad made me be a Seminole than the rules are rules.

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  2. If Trevon was good enough he would be competing for more playing time.

    McCoy needs to be horse whipped by The Hatfields at the fifty yard-line.

    What a jerk who is a gutless punk. Who says Daniels won’t emerge in his

    2nd year into a top tier QB or Sears will be another Sam Darnold. How

    can anyone wish him good luck when he bolts before Spring practice?


  3. It seems it will take people throwing rocks and toilet paper at heritage hall. Riots i guess. For this to be an issue that gets a serious look because I’m just amazed at how USC feels content with knowing they have UCLA with a 2nd year coach who could very well make things even or worse from this dumpster fire.

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    1. Will, the bozo/andyain’twinning BB program receive the death penalty for its total “Lack of Institutional Control” Re: the Tony “Dollar Bill” Blanton scandal. I mean just because andyain’twinning claims he didn’t know squat, doesn’t mean he didn’t. Can’t wait for the NCAA, Clown U investigation.

      Clown U BB program…..Dead man walking!


      1. Nothing is happening with SC. They don’t even talk about that on any websites because Bland must’ve owned up to it. We’re not getting in trouble, they have moved on from that being a potential problem. Where are you getting this from a bruin message board with all the 20 subscribers they have?. Those sites are sad. Ghost towns. They’ll say anything. Anything.


      2. I can definitely be factual that Andy took UCLA back to school the other night and let them make it look respectable. They got mashed on!


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