USC Friday Afternoon Notes


Is Orange Lutheran wide receiver Kyle Ford flipping to Oregon now that his friend, Bru McCoy, has signed a financial aid agreement to attend Texas?

  • The Galen Center crowd of 4,125 for USC’s 80-57 victory over Arizona was the smallest in arena history for a USC-Arizona game. Blame Arizona’s struggles because the Wildcats usually bring as many or more fans to this game.
  • Now look at the photo above from last night’s game: USC has room for two cow mascots from Chick-fil-A but not the song girls? Thanks, Lynn Swann.
  • One thing I wanted to mention in the Friday notes column: Former USC football player Tim Rossovich, who died last month, was roommates with actor Tom Selleck at USC.
  • The Pac-12 declined a 2020 option for Levi’s Stadium for its conference championship game. The game will probably move to Las Vegas but the new Rams stadium will also bid for it. It’s also possible they could return back to having a school host the game but Larry Scott likes flash so Las Vegas is the likely home.

5 thoughts on “USC Friday Afternoon Notes

    1. Somewhat alarming news will allegedly appear in tomorrow’s New York Times. Apparently the long missing duo of Helton & Swann were seen earlier today wearing clown suits & laughing in front of a Las Vegas hotel lobby television set as the news of Trevon Sidney’s departure flashed across the screen. It’s being reported they were in Vegas to place bets on every team on USC’s 2019 schedule —but only for the dates on which those teams play USC. I don’t know —but it all seems sorta fishy.

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      1. Ha! [I’ll tell ya trojan67, there’s something in these tradewinds —everytime I go for a long walk around the perimeter of Whale Park, I get a lung infection]!


  1. If Kyle Ford is smart, then he’ll transfer too, because Oregon’s program is blowing up to a championship level under Mario Cristobal’s second year. That’s right, he’s only going into his second season, and has the #1 recruiting class in the PAC 12. Bozo Helton is going into his 4th season, and the USC program is going backwards, so hopefully Ford’s paying attention.

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