What Clay Helton Should Be Doing

Have you ever heard of Clay Helton going to visit one of the two NFL teams in L.A.?

They both made the playoffs. One is playing in the Super Bowl. Maybe Helton or his staff could learn something from them. It doesn’t require getting on an airplane.

Helton’s proven he can’t run an offense. Clancy Pendergast runs a no-adjustment defense. John Baxter destroys special teams.

So what would it hurt to go watch the Chargers or Rams? It makes too much sense.

Helton might like talking to those teams because it will take his mind off Bru McCoy.


19 thoughts on “What Clay Helton Should Be Doing

  1. This article is unfair to Coach Helton. How does Scott know that our Head Coach isn’t watching 2018 Rams and Patriots games on YouTube….and mentally improving on the play calling?

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      1. trojan67 —losing our only 5 star player is not the end of the world for Trojan football….

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  2. It make no difference what Clay Helton observers, because his comprehension skills are minimal, and his logic is out in left field. He threw out the notion that you win games at the line of scrimmage, and thinks it’s done with bubble screens, and throwing the ball up for grabs. I guarantee that some of the top community college coaches in Southern California, would do a much better job then Clueless Clay


    1. Fred, don’t remind us of the bubble screen. That seems to go back to Kiffin. At the 2012 ND game (ND was ranked 1 at that time), Trojans must have tried that 8 times or more. Trojans should have won that game.


  3. Was just listeneing to ESPNU on Sirius radio on Pac12 . Oregon is focusong on the trenches since Cristobal has arrived and making the North Division a bery physiacl one compared to the Pac12 South. Comment was USC should be able to get the lineman they want but now other schools are plucking then out of California


  4. It was mentioned earlier in this blog that we shouldn’t be focused on transfers and decommits relative to SC football. The queston is then, “Who will be signing with SC on Feb. 6, National Signing Day for college football?” If the crosstown rival attracts more talented prospects to sign with a record of 3-9, then what does that say about SC? I don’t give a Rat’s Ass about the undynamic duo, but I do care about the kids who come in to play during the rebuilding phase long after they leave town on their high horses. If SC gets very few to sign, then the first game with Fresno State might be disastrous, not to mention embarrassing.

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    1. 1drjesscamacho — I hear you, though the recruiting class across town is thus far ranked somewhere between 40-50. The ucla fan base is decaying. Worst home attendance in many years, and fewer and fewer students attend the games, which is a huge negative. If ucla gets a highly-ranked recruit, it will be for reasons other than football.

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  5. Hey Wolfman, I think you’re wrong about special teams, i think they’ve been serviceable.

    USC has scored 21 points in the crosstown showdown as a result of good special teams play.

    Take those points away, and UCLA wins in 2017 and UCLA never lands the most coveted coach in the country – Chip Kelly.

    And this year would’ve really been an ass beating if not for the special teams play 34-13. southern cal blocked a punt for a td and executed a fake punt that led to 7.

    It’s pretty funny that UCLA is making moves, firing coaches, and making great hires (tbd with bball, but the money is there).

    usc is a disaster right now, and it’s hilarious. fit un


  6. yeah Trojan 67,

    It will be for one of those Title 9 teams, like women’s gymnastics. Their bball team is burining where they lay. You might as well make Polly Povillan a permanent swimmin’ hole.


    1. Pasadena Trojan — “Polly Povillian” — nice!

      Sadly, little miguel lives in fantasy world. Somehow, he is enjoying ucla athletics. He must be a big fan of women’s gymnastics (not that there is anything wrong with that.) 8 clap!


      1. The only bozo u teams winning NCAA NC’s are the bozo chicks. And don’t forget clownster’s the greatest former bozo bb player is a CHICK.

        So, where does the bozo women’s Softball team figure to finish this year?


  7. The chances of Clay Helton getting dropped off to visit with one of these Coaches and his staffs are not good.
    Look at how Clancy Pendergast allowed 7 touchdowns. TDs. 7 touchdowns on 7 consecutive defensive series in The Rose Bowl against Penn State. Pendergast…..After all of that. Doesn’t even have to leave his office or motel 6 home-room to recruit his future players.
    THIS IS NOT A JOKE ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    Clay won’t be going to see how football is played by successful men anytime soon unless he drives by the nearest high school.


    1. Ha! [If we’re not going to our own games to watch our guys win, we’re sure as shit not going to Westwood to see their guys lose]…


    2. Attendance at the Galen Barn for the bozo Az victory: 4.125 (10750).

      So the barn was 38% full. I’m guessing zero well-informed bozo fans wish to board the andyain’twinning bald tire bandwagon.

      Commie Lush, you need pint eyeopener.

      UCLA 34 – the bozos 27

      SUCCX flounders on.


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