If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

What else can happen at USC before it hits rock bottom?

Even some of the most die-hard USC fans are finally losing their patience.

What could possibly go wrong in two weeks for Bru McCoy to flee USC?

I will tell you because it is obvious to those who are able to gain access to the McKay Center, which does not allow the public to visit.

  • The football program has no discipline and a questionable work ethic. It is not unusual for players to ignore coaches, quite a few of whom are not respected. It would not surprise me if McCoy thought USC workouts were easier than Mater Dei workouts.
  • USC coach Clay Helton and his staff are viewed within the athletic dept. as being afraid of the players. In short: No respect.
  • There is no offensive coordinator and no clear plan on what type of offense USC will run next season.
  • There is a universal distrust of special teams coach John Baxter, whose main duties seem to be currying favor with Helton.
  • There is no player development. Look at how offensive tackle Chuma Edoga missed games and practices last season but suddenly is getting good reviews at Senior Bowl practices this week. Sources said he was unhappy being coached by Neal Callaway last season and now he is motivated to perform.
  • Three of four USC captains went to Helton during the season and asked him to start Jack Sears at quarterback. Helton said his hands were tied.

Do you think McCoy can imagine Tom Herman saying that at Texas? I previously said McCoy should have known what he is getting into but still . . .

  • And what is Lynn Swann’s job? He was supposed to address several areas after the season (culture, discipline, schemes, personnel and staff.

Instead Swann is doing very little. Other than going to Augusta National Golf Course for a weekend.

Swann is apparently friends with McCoy’s father. Maybe that’s why Swann released McCoy from his letter of intent but tried to block Kliff Kingsbury from interviewing with NFL teams.

  • Before USC had Heritage Hall or the McKay Center, its athletic offices were crammed into the Student Union building and the football and baseball teams practiced at Bovard Field, which was located behind Bovard Auditorium.

One day, the coaches of several sports were together in the coaches’ locker room when John McKay entered the room. Trailing behind him was a man in a his famous houndstooth hat, Alabama legend Bear Bryant.

“I don’t know how you win around here with these horse—- facilities,” Bryant said.

  • I hear two USC assistant strength coaches are going to join Ivan Lewis with the Seattle Seahawks. One of them, Mark Phillip, was the strength coach at Nebraska under Mike Riley.


26 thoughts on “If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

  1. WTF, in a truly stunning reversal of Clown U’s ongoing self-inflicted implosion, freakin’ Andrewain’twinning’s BB team dispatched the Wildkittens, @ the barn, by a shocking 23 points.

    Hey PUS, don’t forget to check my arithmetic. BTW PUS, how many are you today. The O/U is 71/2.

    Not to worry bozos, the team will soon revert to its usual Brick and Clank offense and “We don’t need no stinking defense,” defense.


    1. Just Rent,

      Congrats on Thug U aka uglies three game streak, of being LOSERS. But this is the norm of ugly. The got curb stomped in men’s basketball last Saturday and beaten behind the woodshed in men’s waterpolo. I love seeing ugly live up to its name, U Clowns Lose Again.


  2. The rats left sinking ship earlier this month, what’s left are the dying and the loyal. The loyal are seeking future gains while hoping the ship gets them ashore and the dying are ready for a burial at sea.
    The sun will come out tomorrow and burn the place down. Swann’s goose is cooked and he choking on the last feathers. The board of trustees cannot be trusted. Clay has turned to stone. And the schedule says no rest for the wicked.
    Yup I’m frustrated at this clown car dumpster fire, so I guess I’ll grab some marshmallows and Hershey’s to make s’mores.

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  3. When Bear Bryant asked, “I don’t know how you win around here with these horse—- facilities”, McKay should have replied, “Desegregated teams play better.”

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    1. One more thing, Special K —- a yearly parade of very tough motherfuckers emerged from those antiquated facilities. We haven’t had one physically dominant team since we “modernized” them.


      1. trojan67 —It might sound funny but I HONESTLY believe that we’d stop getting pushed all over the field every Saturday if we tore down the new facilities, stopped recruiting players who come to USC for comfort and luxury and made the 1’s play against the 1’s in practice. Helton promises Disneyland and, then, he wonders why HIS Trojans looked surprised when the opposition knocks the snot outta them.


      2. MG — right on about the luxuries now available at college. A relative who graduated from college recently said that some of the women in the sorority complained that the on-campus spa was not at a sufficiently high level.

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  4. So Swann is close friends with Bru McCoy’s dad and he signs with SC and then leaves a couple weeks later after enrolling at SC! What does that tell you right there?

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    1. I don’t care for the job that Swanmp has done, but he never did block teams from contacting Special (Ed) K. Start telling the truth, Pinocchio Wolf.


  5. Swann should be fired as well as Helton as of today. Swann buffaloed McCoy into thinking that Klingsbury would stay. What kind of contract did Swann give to KK for execution? Why did Swann allow KK to be on campus unless he had confirmation that he was going to stay. Why was the buy out so cheap. Swann is apethic and is over his head in dealing with this job. Get rid of the bum. Yes, I did want to give Swann a chance and I have. He has blown it.

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  6. SCooter,

    No mention on USC’s win against U of A. I guess that would go against your agenda of being positive. You need to be fair and balance. Report both the good, the bad, and the ugly. Right now, it is only the bad and ugly that you are reporting.


    1. Did you think Little Scotty would mention it Pasadena? Seriously, positive isn’t consistent with his snarky style.


    1. Fred – I look forward to change as well, though I don’t believe there will be any change until a new president is appointed. And the new president must be one who values the tradition of football excellence at the university.

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    2. Fred,

      Usually change does occur when it gets bad, but it won’t happen with the “Bozos”, (sorry Larry H. for referring to Bozo like this) running the BOT’s, the impotent intern president, the clown for an AD, and Helton.


  7. Scotty – the silence about the hoops team from you is deafening.

    Rakocevic- 27 points and 12 boards.

    But if they lose to ASU, I am sure we will hear about it.

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    1. Yep,

      He will say the Trojans are 4-3 in league with a 11-9 record and Enfield did not handle the Porter situation correctly. However, when USC wins, it will be deftly silent.

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    2. trojan67 —Scott has an editorial policy that works well on this site: He’ll handle the blow by blow on the losses and the fuck ups…..


  8. The team will hit rock bottom when the following scenario occurs:
    The team goes 3-9 this year. With no president, AD Swan keeps his job and thus Helton retains his. The home games have maybe 40,000 – half of which is the visiting team’s fans. Players begin to defect to other programs and recruiting lapses into secondary players after the big schools do not offer scholarships. How’s that for rock bottom.


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