Bru McCoy Enters NCAA Transfer Portal

So USC is losing its five-star wide receiver and USC is going to give him permission to transfer to Texas.

I am curious about one thing: What did Bru McCoy expect? He knew Clay Helton is a bad coach with no discipline.

Even if Kliff Kingsbury stayed, he had to know it was likely a one-year deal. USC is not a strong program at the moment. He should have known beforehand.


14 thoughts on “Bru McCoy Enters NCAA Transfer Portal

  1. That’s not gonna bode well with local recruits, especially with SC’s Orange County feeder, Mater Dei High School. Local high school coaches have to know by now, that Clay Helton is a joke, and he will waste a 4&5 star athletes career. Helton, and Lynn Swann will really look like two idiot, buffoons if the Trojans end up at 1-5 at the halfway point of next season

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  2. Of course there is no peep from the two cowards that created this dumpster fire. I suppose one way to address “deficiencies” in the program’s “culture, discipline, schemes, personnel and staff” is to just get rid of it all!

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  3. How much longer is this going to go on? Every week another disaster announcement for the SC football program. I don’t know why we are postponing the inevitable. They need to clear house now! Bring in Jack Del Rio or someone else. Nothing can be as bad as this! You know Ford from Orange Lutheran is gone as well!

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    1. I’m not much of a gambler, but I would put my chips on Del Rio to come in as an effective HC and do what’s necessary to bring back the heritage that has withered away in recent years. Like Swann, he is a former All-American and All Pro. The difference between the two SC alums is that Del Rio is all about the sport and coaching and won’t be too enveloped in the political noise that might disrupt the progress of the SC squad. If Del Rio should take the helm as HC and doesn’t bring back the spirit, stature in the NCAA, and respect across the board, then I guess I’ll be subject to being accused of not knowing my ass from a hole in the ground…


      1. Del Rio is a bum. Another unqualified coach with Trojan ties that represents the stuck in the past clownish way of thinking that plagues the school

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  4. Have “the Cornhole Twins” been informed? Wow, a bozo a 5 start recruit takes a hike after just 2 weeks on campus. That can’t be good for Clown U recruiting.

    Is it possible, the bozos aren’t writing big enough checks? Methinks the bozos need to hire the former Clownster and convicted felon, Tony “Dollar Bill” Bland as a consultant.

    Not only does Clown U recruit itself, but it also decommits itself.

    Hold on, I’ve got to dry my eyes from laughing so damn hard.



    1. Just rent,

      The only Clown school in LA is U Cockroaches of LA. Your football team is a pool of whale feces and your once cheatin’ like no other team is on a 3 game streak, of being losers. Thug U aka ugly got curb stomped in basketball and men’s water polo by USC. USC owns the U Cockroaches of LA.


  5. This one hurts, luckily, this is not – as SW constantly rants about and point out on a daily basis- a position of need. Now if you combine this with losing out on top local OL and players like Thibodeux and Steele, then there is a recruiting problem that can’t just be attributed to a losing record. I will never wish the worse for SC football, but at what point is doing nothing to solve the problem OK?



  6. Quincy: I respect your opinion, but don’t concur that Del Rio is a “bum”. He was the DC on the Superbowl XXXV champs Baltimore Ravens in 2001. And, he was HC for the Jacsonville Jaguars and made it to the playoffs. Furthermore, he had a 12-4 record one year with the Oakland Raiders. That said, I don’t think it’s justifiable to plop that type of label on him. Moreover, he has a solid coaching background and isn’t “a wanna be”, notwithstanding the fact he happens to be an SC alumni.
    So if your definition of “bum” includes winning a Super Bowl, then I suspect the HC’s for SC who can’t even beat a 3-9 crosstown rival would be considered a what-“mega bum”?


  7. I just saw an article in SB Nation that stated SC has had their worse season in 18 years. It mentioned the decline in national stature over a period of 3 years during the Hackett HC era. Subsequent to Hackett, Mike Garrett, former Heisman Trophy winner at SC, brought in Pete Carroll to rebuild the program. Within three (3) seasons, Carroll had SC perched within the top five (5) in the AP and Coaches polls. Carroll’s recruitment included Palmer, Leinart, and Bush (all Heisman Trophy winners), not to mention a multitude of players that shined in the NFL.
    It’s a crying shame that everyone except the “Undynamic Duo” understands that immediate change is imperative. Moreover, there will always be a continuation of SC being portrayed in the media in a negative light sportswise and otherwise if no changes are made soon.


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