The Clock Is Ticking On Hiring A Strength Coach

Ivan Lewis didn’t do a great job as USC strength coach but Clay Helton is taking too much time to find a replacement.

Lewis took two USC colleagues with him to the Seattle Seahawks so USC is short-handed. I’m told assistant strength coach Keith Bolton is trying to run things but it’s in disarray because so many coaches are missing. Do you think players feel they will pay a price if they miss a session?

January is actually a key month for strength training especially since USC did not play in a bowl game and was offer since late November. Instead, USC is getting a late start. Just like Graham Harrell is going to install an entirely new offense before spring practice starts in a month or so.


15 thoughts on “The Clock Is Ticking On Hiring A Strength Coach

  1. If they miss a workout it is entirely on the player. Every kid on this team knows what to do in a weight room, they have all done it hundreds of times. No reason to miss a session. It may not be as refined or productive as it could be, but it will still be a chance to get in and get work done.

    Doesn’t fit your narrative but it is the truth.

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  2. Correct me if I am wrong. I read somewhere, not here, that it’s the HC who instructs the S&C coach as to what type of offense/defense they ate going to install and what type of player they need to be for their respected positions. Example: HC wants an OL to be physical bacause running the ball to control the clock. The S&C coach will set a diet/workout plan for the OL so they can reach that intended goal of being big and physical. If it’s an Air Raid, maybe they need some strength/athleticism and a diet can be made to reach that goal. Unless we know everything that happens, it’s hard to lay the finger on the S/C coach. Was he instructed as to what type of team USC was going to be? The offense didn’t serm to have an identity of who they are? Is it on C. Helton? He may be the one to blame because he is the HC.

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    1. I think you’re on to something. Pete Carroll has made maybe 3 bad hires between his time with sc and the Seahawks, he can get anyone he wants up there to run his S&C program. Since he hired Ivan Lewis, I’d bet the problem with S&C at sc was probably with Helton. His lack of offensive philosophy probably had Ivan Lewis instructing the players to ‘I dunno, just lift and try to eat right, nobody knows what you guys are gonna be doing out there.’


  3. We need a strength and conditioning coach because we have become soft. The head coach, even one as bad as Cuddly Clay, would not want an unprepared student athlete. What I think happened last season was a lackadaisical approach to conditioning. Possibly a lazy coach or lazy athletes, but not the head coach.
    Now my friend Pudley might have the answer…The coaches saw Troy Polamalu in a commercial for hair conditioner, and assumed the gel approach made sense. Thus the team and especially Toa had beautiful hair but no tone whatsoever.

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  4. Tonight on “I Fucking Hate USC” with your host Scott Wolf:

    The hoops team wins 3 straight including blowouts of UCLA & Arizona, but I’m only gonna mention that attendance wasn’t great.


      1. Just Rent,

        A blow out is when USC is curb stomping U Clowns Lose Again by 25 points just a couple of Saturdays ago only to let the subs play with about 4 minutes left allowing U Clowns Lose Again lose by 13 points. It was total domination, embarrasement, and as usual an a#s whooping by SC on their red head step brother, U Cockroaches of LA


      2. So you feel better about us kicking your ass because somebody else kicked our ass?

        Whatever gets you through the night chief…….


  5. When SC got the tails manhandled by Ohio State in a bowl game several years ago, a former SC QB said that the Buckeyes were “too physical” and the Trojans couldn’t handle it. So if SC has a renowned strength and conditioning coach, then we shouldn’t lose to teams like Bama (53 to 3) and be spanked miserably by an Ohio State squad right?


    1. Was at that OSU bowl game, and it was almost comical how much bigger and stronger the Buckeyes were. Their DL and LB’s just rag dolled our OL. Meyer for some reason backed his boys off in the second half or it woulda been uglier than a Scott Wolf paragraph.

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      1. Meyer sent an assistant over to the Trojan sideline with the following message: I’ ll call off the dogs just as long as you keep your staff intact.

        Meyer knew that the staff wouldn’t be able to keep Troy relevant which in turn would help him recruit Cali better and help him land a job in the future as Helton would not be a threat to him taking over.



      2. Trojan 73: I might be wrong, but Meyer wanted to make a statement about the Big Ten verses Pac12. The score took a backseat to the notion that 3 million people watched a Big Ten powerhouse go into the backyard of SC and spank them big-time over national television.


  6. Instead of having “Family Meet & Greet” buffet dinners every Friday night, maybe Clay should have the Trojans in the weight room…lifting weights.


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