Clay Helton Speaks!

Clay Helton did a friendly interview with USC and addressed some relevant topics. Not in any meaningful way, of course.

On all of USC’s transfers:

“We have a couple players who are graduating this semester, some in just three years’ time, and they wanted the opportunity to have a larger role on another team, so they will be graduate transfers. All are terrific men, good students and players. I want the best for each of them.”

On Bru McCoy:

“Bru’s decision was personal to him. He is a fine young man who has a bright future and I wish him well.

“Transferring has become more common in college football recently.  The new NCAA transfer portal has allowed student-athletes to more easily seek a new opportunity at another university.  The other day, there were 1,986 football players in the portal and 1,362 were Division I.  Everyone is experiencing attrition.  It is something that all head coaches have to manage when it comes to rosters and recruiting.”

  • USC will start spring practice the week of March 4 and run through mid-April. There will be a spring showcase (not a scrimmage) open to the public held on April 6.
  • Helton said former safety Chris Hawkins and offensive lineman Viane Talamaivao have returned to USC as graduate assistants.

6 thoughts on “Clay Helton Speaks!

  1. Pray tell what qualifies as “meaningful” in your funky little world? CH didn’t provide enough drama eh?

    Didn’t piss and moan about losing a few kids.

    Didn’t deliver a fire breathing sermon to the kids that are staying?

    Didn’t shed a tear for Bru McCoddled?

    In January no less.



    1. Like Helton’s responses. Nice guys finish last, however. Like that Helton never/ rarely throws 18-22 year olds under the bus. Like that Hawk and T have joined the staff as both were integral parts of successful teams (even if they might not be retained if the team bombs next year.


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  2. Scottie – you forgot to mention that Helton stated that he won’t be involved with play calling or the offensive scheme or system. Seems strange to miss this, since you have many blog posts about Helton’s involvement in the offense.

    But, we are glad to hear yet another report from you about Bru McCoy. A day without a McCoy story is like a day without sunshine…

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  3. USC has lost 27 players due to transfer, disciplinary or medical reasons under Clay Helton…most have willingly transferred.

    Then you have a number of top flight recruits who were expected to commit to USC who changed their mind and committed elsewhere because Clay Helton has a track record of not being able to develop talent.

    And you thought the NCAA sanctions were bad for USC, keeping Helton around has been more damaging to the Trojans football program.


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