USC’s National Title Odds

USC’s odds to win the national title are 50-1 according to Caesar’s Palace.

That seems high to me especially with Clay Helton and JT Daniels leading the way.

Here’s the rest of the Pac-12:

Oregon 40/1

Washington, USC 50/1

Utah 75/1

Washington State, UCLA 100/1

Stanford, Arizona, Cal 200/1

Arizona State 300/1

Colorado 1000/1

Oregon State 5000/1


AND here are the favorites, otherwise known as the non-Pac-12 teams:

3/2 Alabama

7/2 Clemson

10/1 Ohio State

12/1 Michigan

12/1 Georgia

15/1 Oklahoma

20/1 Texas

25/1 Nebraska

25/1 Notre Dame

25/1 Florida


11 thoughts on “USC’s National Title Odds

  1. Clearly they are making the odds for USC on brand only, because the Trojans probably won’t break the.500 mark . The vacation is over for Clay Helton and SC, because the PAC 12 have been upgrading their coaches.

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    1. Only the dinosaurs at the KT boundary would believe there’s even the remotest chance of USC winning anything during the upcoming season…


  2. Regarding the oddsmakers in Vegas who roll the dice for a living, I would say as a “non-gambler” that Clemson, with that 6’7″ true freshman drink of water, will be the team that captures all the marbles. Not taking anything away from Bama, but I don’t think their awesome depth will be enough to overwhelm that well-oiled machine on both sides of the ball that Clemson clearly has. Moreover, Bama lost some key playmaking juniors to the draft and Clemson, on the other hand, will be bringing in some very talented players to add to their overall impressive depth. All of this will add to the worry of all those teams scheduled to play Clemson and the SEC conference in general.
    You are probably thinking: WTF does DRJDC know about gambling and being an oddsmaker. You are absolutely right: I don’t know my ass from a hole in the ground in that particular area, as well as, a multitude of others (Lol)…

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    1. drjess —on this site, you don’t HAVE to know anything for sure —you just need to make a plausible argument…..

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    1. Hey Cal75: I guess if you are right about that projection, then all of the SC proponents will be “crying in their beer” (Lol)…


  3. Scott, stop already complaining about J.T. Daniels who has one year of seasoning now and will only get better. See what transpires in Spring and Fall camps before passing judgment. If Sears beats him out so be it then.


    1. When one judges Daniels…hey he was basically a high school senior stepping into chaos.

      He had an OL that ‘won some baddles & lost some baddles’. A statement that will be remembered for a long time. I’m still amazed those words could come out of a coach’s mouth.

      He needs coaching. I hope for USC’s sake he gets some.


  4. I just read about the extensions of three coaches (Lincoln Riley of Oklahoma, Mike Leach of Washington State, and Ed Obregon of LSU). Riley inked a 5 year deal amounting to $25 million. Leach will pull down roughly $20 over 5 years. Obregon will get a two year extension that will be roughly $10 million. All three coaches had impressive seasons in 2018 and are worth what their contracts reflect, in my humble opinion.
    The bottom line is that positive reinforcement vis-a-vis extensions with attractive salaries are the consequences of successful performance in the capacity of being a head coach for a college/ university in the NCAA. Negative reinforcement is associated with less than acceptable performance as a HC and generally does not incorporate any extensions and/or raises; and the HC is typically relieved of his duties and responsibilities.


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