What Does Clay Helton Need To Manage?

Here’s another Clay Helton quote from yesterday.

“My job on game days will be managing game situations,” Helton said.

Personally, I want Helton doing as little managing as possible on game day.

He won’t call plays, which is good. But what does he need to manage? He should just keep an eye on John Baxter because special teams keeps having problems getting 11 men on the field.

I also don’t want Helton managing who plays otherwise it will be another season where JT Daniels starts no matter what.

It’s better if Helton emulates a mannequin. He can do as little as possible that way. It won’t fix the defense because Clancy Pendergast refuses to make adjustments but it might help the offense if he lets Graham Harrell decide who starts at quarterback and everywhere else.

Helton can stick to making masterful comments like this one last season: “I can’t wait for people to see this team come November.”

19 thoughts on “What Does Clay Helton Need To Manage?

    1. Of course it won’t, he will find something else to bitch about, just like he did when Pete was coaching.

      The reality is, Scottie will continue to find something negative in every USC story as long as he has his Mom’s couch to live on. He’s intent on being anti-SC because nobody at SC has any respect for him. He’s a lost lonely soul. Living at mom’s house, eating meals by himself, in his high school hoody…. poor little Scottie

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      1. Helton and Scott deserve each other. Two dumpster fires. I find though it very funny that Scott who is basically unemployed calling out Helton who is pulling in 3 million a year.


      2. Daniel’s right —–“the eating meals by himself” part was a little harsh. Actually, the “nobody has any respect for him” part was a bit over the top, too.


  1. SCooter,

    With all of your complaining let us here what you would do if you were Swann? Would you fire Helton now? Would you fire yourself? You complain but you have no solutions.


  2. The Ideal Helton on Game Day:
    The overarching theme = Stay In Your Lane
    When we are on offense:
    Watch the play clock so you can call timeout if one of our inexperienced QB’s clock-farts on a particular play.
    Discuss with GH whether or not to go for it on 4th down. Listen, but do not override unless you’re ready to have your gonads handed to you if YOU are wrong.
    When we are on defense:
    You don’t know squat about defense. You are now a cheerleader whooping it up after nice defensive plays and getting up in the grills of any defenders that play stupidly.
    Special Teams:
    Double check with the GA in charge of counting players. First be certain that said GA took math in high school. Show GA what eleven helmets looks like. Then show GA 10 and ask him what’s missing. That’s your GA.
    In general:
    Game clock management. Know the time and what options remain on the table.
    Bullchit penalty challenges. Challenge the buhjeezus out of the striped cowns.

    You’re welcome Scottie Potty

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    1. Trojan83—I don’t know whether you meant for this list just to be funny —but, shit, it’s really good. It addresses all team problems. Hope Coach keeps a copy of it on that Denny’s Menu he consults at the games.


      1. There are several really good responses to this post, but MG’s “Denny’s Menu” has me ROTFLMAO!

        MG — you outdid yourself! (“Like button” not working…)

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  3. I don’t want Clay Helton to hold back on deciding which players start, or any decision making during games, I want his fingerprints on EVERYTHING!!! Because we need national humiliation in order for Lynn Swann, and Helton to be gone… poof !! Local fan cries means nothing with this arrogant administration, but national embarrassment does


  4. Well this isn’t that far from what if he coaches do. The practice time is where Helton will be involved. So during the game he manages the coaches and makes decisions based on input from his coordinator group. Should we go for it or punt, that sort of thing. That’s normal. If the players do their job during practice he shouldn’t need to do much.
    If they return to a time when the players like the games because the practice times were more rigorous than the games, we will be back.

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    1. In order for that the staff and the players will need to run throughout the practice. Pete Ceaser Carroll ran with the team and the players bought the notion that it was normal. Helton needs a marine drill instructor for S&C coach.

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  5. Well Fred I’m pretty sure we have already reached national embarrassment. Whenever I hear national radio or television discussions about SC football it usually isn’t pretty.


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