Scene Of The Crime

Pat Haden has kept a low profile since he left as athletic director.

But I heard he recently told an ex-teammate, “I stay away from that place.”

I guess when you start a fire, you don’t want to return to the scene.

14 thoughts on “Scene Of The Crime

      1. 67 ‘If’ Haden DID say what Wolf alleges, that is truly telling….no blowback for Haden not so much as a whiff of anyone at USC calling him out for what he did to that foundation but yeah, no one at USC should entertain blocking this elitist twerp aka ‘HRH’ to continue ‘shaping’ the ‘LA Memorial Coliseum’ in ‘…his image…’


      2. Rusoviet, great post above, and yes, that would be quite a statement from Haden if it is true.

        If we look at Haden’s AD decisions, it seems like he was still on the Domer payroll. Doesn’t the guy care at all about being a Trojan? Is he that unprincipled?

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  1. 1973 Pat Haden was made the focal point of the Trojans offense coming off the ’72 Trojans National Championship team led by Anthony Davis and the Pat Haden led Trojans finished 8th in the polls…F*ck Pat Haden!

    Anthony Davis once again being the focal point of the Trojans offense in ’74 led them to another National Championship.

    F*ck Pat Haden!

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    1. Haden truly is the epitome “…to the manor borne…” Rhodes Scholar….qb at USC….NFL qb for LA Rams 1975-1979…partner with Dick Riordan and ‘Chris Lewis’….Riordan, Haden and Lewis in 1987….hired by NBC to co-announce all Notre Dame football games (1998-2010) and then pulled by Max Nikias to right the ship as USC as the new athletic director.

      All of that and this ass clown decides he’s entitled to a cool $70k a year for having lunch 3 times a year.

      Wear it Haden….stay hidden you gutless louse

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      1. He gets $1 mil a year to oversee the construction of the elite seats at the Coliseum! I never knew he knew so much about construction! Open your eyes Trojans!!!!!

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    2. Yes, Pat missed the mark as Athletic Director. By 100 miles.
      But let’s not spit on his record as USC’s quarterback in the 70’s. He did everything that was asked of him and he did it spectacularly. And his engineering of the 1974 comeback against Notre Dame is the best thing I ever saw happen on a football field.


      1. Sorry, Mike ‘but’…’F’ him…no one bats 1.000 (save that clown ass just owns) regardless I believe many here feel as I do… it matters not what you did does not ‘mask’ what you are. In fact, all that matters to any of use is the ‘present’…not what ‘was’ or what ‘will be’ but what ‘is’ right now.

        The very fact Haden had risen as high as he has – to have thought nothing in his core – of what his fiduciary responsibility was to the Mayr Foundation speaks volumes of what he ‘deemed’ that position in terms of its’ worth…it was ‘chump change’ for Haden…give his daughter and his sister-in-law an ‘average’ oversight elitist ‘salary’ and for himself…well near double that and hey…make the foundation pay for ‘lunch’.

        ‘F’ Haden


  2. Speed I had no idea that was true! A cool million for what? I’ve said it before …. he’s USC version of ‘Albert Speer’ with the same ‘m.o.’ of not being guilty of anything.


  3. Pat Haden was the second highest paid athletic director in the country during his tenure, for basically running the athletic programs into the ground. When he was hired, most people thought he would go after the NCAA with a vengeance, and take the football program to new heights. But he did none of the above, he collected close to 2 million dollars a year, and delegate most of his work to his associates

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