USC Has A Chip On Its Shoulder?

Everything I heard since the season ended is that nothing has changed with the football program.

“We have a chip on our shoulders and something to prove,” Clay Helton said this week.

But when does that mindset get implemented? It hasn’t yet according to various sources at USC.

Helton talks a good game but rarely delivers.

14 thoughts on “USC Has A Chip On Its Shoulder?

  1. This is the best Scott post in a long time. I really hope this is the year Helton comes to understand that it’s gonna take more than engaging public relations talk to beat Fresno State, Stanford, Washington and Notre Dame. I remember the words of some captain of some U. S. Olympic fencing team: “We’re not going over there to lose! Failure is not an option!” It turned out that France, Spain, Italy, Germany and Belgium had other ideas.

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  2. Keep in mind, that Clay Helton is a Head football coach in name only, and his coaching skill set is very limited. So don’t expect change as if he’s a legitimate seasoned vet, because he’s a weak individual who’s just existing with no plan in place. And come September, Helton will finally prove to the masses, that he and Lynn Swann are both Bozo’s.

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  3. Recognition of shortcomings in life as a person and/or professional will allow for growth that will facilitate making progress. If recognition of shortcomings doesn’t take place through serious introspection, then the result is generally stagnation with no growth at all. And if a person adds denial on top of that, then the people around that person may interact at arm’s length and the communication oftentimes becomes superficial. And these negatives will keep an environment from being and staying healthy.
    I don’t know Helton as a person and/or professional. But what I would really like to know is how many of the players on the squad believe in him as a HC verses those players who have feelings on the contrary. If the majority of the players are not confident about his leadership as a HC, then I believe Harrell will have alot more on his plate to contend with than just trying to execute an offense that will be successful in the Pac-12, as well as, nationally.

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  4. Re: MG’s post –

    “Oooh, damn you, Owns —you’re forcing me to put my cards on the table….

    ***Mikey, it was pointed out, by a rather astute Rah-Rah, that if it hadn’t been for the Toejam Special teams, the Bruins might have won 34 – 13.

    I’m sorry I don’t remember the bozo’s name, but he (I doubt a she) deserves mention for that particular analysis. FYI, It wasn’t PUS.

    But to get back to your prediction, if the Bruins start running downhill with authority and precision and E.J. is the SUCCX QB, UCLA will bounce the bozos around like a BB.

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    1. USC as massive underdog, 10,302 mostly loyal fans in the stands, Helton in his last game, Swann in his last day in office, Sears (on the bench) in his last game as a Trojan —– we’ll have you right where we want you, my friend!
      #SATURDAY, NOVEMBER23,2019

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    1. Can’t wait to see Helton gone? Soon enough, Sam. You can’t get by simply putting a ‘happy twist’ on bad news: “Actually, I’m JOYFUL that Bru left!”, “It’s so AMAZING that we don’t have Kingsbury anymore!”, “Isn’t it FANTASTIC that all our backup receivers fell through the portal?!”……etc., etc.
      [However, if the assistants can keep Clay from talking crazy talk in front of the team, we can still have a good year]!


      1. Tell me about it Mike.
        I think Helton made these moves too late and the transfers from the last 2 seasons will now hurt us in depth in my opinion. We have the best talent in the conference but we are the most cocky SOB’s thinking every man will automatically step up without being coached up. Clancy is great at that.

        But think the schedule is too tough for Helton. Not for USC but for Clay Helton and he’s gonna struggle and ultimately be a ghost at USC sooner than we think.

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