Another Strange Max Nikias Hire Is Still In News

Did you see the NCAA delivered a one-year postseason ban and other penalties to Missouri’s football, baseball and softball programs following a two-year investigation revealed academic misconduct involving a former tutor?

Here’s the USC connection: The chief hearing officer of the infractions panel was David Roberts, the former head of compliance at USC. He currently is a “special adviser to the president” at USC because he is buddies with Max Nikias and got a sweet job when he stepped down at compliance.

He was hired by Nikias as head of compliance at USC despite having no experience with compliance or the NCAA or even really the athletic dept.

Sort of like how Nikias hired two athletic directors who were never athletic directors.

So Roberts was hired after USC got severe (unjust) NCAA sanctions and is now chairing the infractions committee. It’s come full circle.

“In this particular case, the institution, the tutor and enforcement all agreed this was a Level I case, which is severe misconduct,” Robers said of Missouri. “The case starts off with that agreement and the association has put in place a penalty matrix.”

19 thoughts on “Another Strange Max Nikias Hire Is Still In News

    1. He was only removed as ‘president’, Proud Trojan —- his new title (“Max, Queen of Scotts”) entitles him to live in either (1) San Marino or (2) on the island of Elba.

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    2. I’ve asked that question myself numerous times. And, an even better question is why the bozo BOT’s voted Nikias, the human carcinogen, a lifetime BOT membership, after Nikias’ submitted his much-demanded resignation.

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  1. All who have known him over the years smile at the fact that poor David Roberts is still trying to fit the word ‘matrix’ into every sentence…

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    1. While you’re at it, maybe you could decode the post of scottie’s. Why does he have the position of special advisor to the president? Which Cush job did he get? The one at the ncaa? If that’s the case, are they summer than we are?

      I’m asking for a friend who’s taking an “English as a primary language” course.

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      1. I’m sure that was worth it..hoping all’s well with you, California is in crisis mode right now, seems that water is leaking from the sky.

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      2. Pudly —sorry about the weather —we’ve had rain off and on in Maui for a week —it broke for a half hour yesterday and I got to sneak in a walk on the beach.

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      1. Owns — before I answer can you tell me what P/T standup comedy is?


  2. The arrogance of Max Nikias, and the USC administration is unbelievable. But the good thing is, that it’s going to cost the university over $100 million dollars, and that’s the only way to defuse those pompous attitudes 😂😂


    1. Waiting for that earth shaker to turn that ‘renovated’ stadium into Berkely’s new site for the homeless – – – need to do what another demoncrat “…that Breck Girl…” Newsom wants.


  3. Wolf is so out of line and wrong on this one…Roberts kept USC out of so many fires it’s inexplainable…His background as one of the top attorneys in the state, a collegiate all-American football player, brought a more than qualified resume to the program and he saved a failing compliance department. Simple and plain. He succeeds in everything he does. He was named top compliance official in the nation for his work as Vice President of USC. The number of things he did for USC is countless and if the likes of Haden and others were a little less dense they would have taken more of his advice and been in a better spot now. Do some fact checking Wolf…This is low ball slime and you know it. I knew you years ago Wolf, I liked you, actually surprised by you on this one. Don’t like you anymore much like the rest of LA. Btw, You wouldn’t know what a cush job is…you’ve got know idea what the workload is for that salary. Bonehead, just because the likes of Haden, Nikias and others were disastrous doesn’t mean he was. Ask around campus. They still beg for his expertise on the daily. #clueless


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