No More Mr. Nice Guy?

The conventional wisdom is that USC coach Clay Helton might be over his head but he is a nice guy.

But it’s worth noting is not everyone seems to agree. Members of the USC coaching staff have told me that Tee Martin felt like Helton ruthlessly backstabbed him by always letting the public believe Martin called all the plays.

Martin also felt Helton could be two-faced, these coaches said. I point this out because of the constant media portrayals that Helton is so nice . . . maybe too nice for the job.

He is lax with discipline but that is a different subject.


30 thoughts on “No More Mr. Nice Guy?

  1. Clay is probably ‘basically’ nice, but not Saint Francis of Assisi nice —meaning he’s nice for starters but not above switching personas when and if his career depends on it. And —as of now —his career does depend on it. So, for everybody’s sake, I’m hoping Clay tells the troops in March that Coach Harrell believes things need to be different —-harsher, meaner, tougher—- in order for the team to win [and that he’s unselfishly convinced himself to give Graham’s approach a try]. Graham gives ‘nice guy’ Helton cover, a chance to start fresh—without explicitly needing to say he’s allowed the team to slowly veer in the wrong direction, he can change direction…..

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  2. Part of what will make 2019 season so fascinating to watch unfold. Adversity has a way of revealing who a person really is. Safe to say CH has never had to endure this level of professional adversity in his entire career. A veteran coach who is the son of a coach from a family of coaches no less. CH should have a fairly deep well of up close and personal experiences to draw upon in deciding how to navigate his way through the gauntlet. We shall see……

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    1. Great people aren’t great because they are nice, but because of necessity, even if they have to rise to face a challenge by being bad.


  3. The reason you shared that is not because of what other people thing but because of what you think. It must be real ugly in that negative brain of yours. You need some professional help. Just saying.

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    1. Hey Ken: Cut the some slack. He’s just being a human being and being up front. CH can’t even come remotely close to that and doesn’t deserve to even be given the time of day and/or the benefit of the doubt. Our world isn’t perfect and your sorry ass isn’t either. Nonetheless, I respect your opinion and hope you reciprocate with what is moving around in your very matter…


  4. MG, Trojan83, and Ken – Nice posts; Scottie is really questioning Helton’s honesty and integrity here viz a viz the conjecture regarding Tee Martin and play-calling.

    Scottie, once you start going in this direction, it is hard to turn around. Without facts, this would be a good time to write about something else.

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  5. Clay Helton also claims to be a true Christian, but he can be seen screaming “God Dammit” , and dropping “F bombs on the sidelines every time USC doesn’t get a call. So he’s not only phony, but he’s also a Clueless Bozo of a coach 😂😂

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    1. Not enough for you to tear him up professionally, huh? Judging how Christian he is now? Your a real piece of work. Nazi’s have a job for guys like you. You can pin stars on people you don’t like.

      Oh and btw, your narrative that nobody wants anyone from helton’s staff, just took another hit…

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      1. But if someone is looking for a better position or maybe wants to change the scenery i’s jumping ship. Only when they don’t get offers in the first few days after leaving under dismissal forces does nobody come after the staff.

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      2. Arturo (and Pudly) —I agree with a lot of what Fred says [probably more than half]—-but, fuck, I don’t want us to start grading each other’s levels of Christianity. I think Pudly had to nip that shit in the bud (& of course I’m talking about what Fred said, not Fred himself) before we got too crazy on this site.

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    2. Pudly your a dumb ass using the Nazi.s as a reference to being a human
      being religion aside. What a moron you are. What a wonderful upbringing
      you must have got from your parents or foster care.

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  6. I finally see the problem at USC. I heard from a guy, who asked an unnamed source if the following might be true. A lowly secretary in the athletic department accidentally added three zeros to Coach Helton’s contract extension. It was a clerical error, which not discovered until midway through the season. By then the deal was solid for Clay. However the secretary has since moved on to Miami as her contract buyout was much lower and Clay said shucks in an unchristian manner.

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  7. I question his honesty ,integrity. He has stated on multiple occasions, and reported by all the different writers on SC how he continually would stop doing things that hurt SC , correct and start doing things differently. Like: stop having soft pracrices to make SC tough and physical…stop not using all practices available to prepare the team, and use all of them…over and over again for 3 years,particularly after big losses like in Bowl games,etc…he is a liar…period

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  8. So if the Trojans 13 pt loss was a route, then the ruins getting curb stomped by fourteen was a slaughter, huh owns? Who’s your daddy? Hahahahaha!

    Maybe another rubdown from owns with his patented happy ending would refocus the curries…

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    1. Damn PUS, I thought you said I (Owns) doesn’t carry any weight with you.

      Yet, here you are weighing heavy on my case. You remind me of my daughter when she was seven or so. She was just smart enough to be stupid. Her Mother and I would smile indulgently at her malaprop reasoning, which of course, really ticked her off. I can’t count the numerous times she claimed she would never speak to us again.

      I’ve heard the story that after the paramedic’s attended your mother in a Bakersfield sheep field following your birth, they transported both of you to a public hospital. There they stabilized your mothers’ condition and popped you in an incubator.

      When it came to time to issue a birth certificate, the nurse asked your mother for the fathers’ surname and your mother told the nurse that 57 Heinz was close enough.

      Damn PUS, It must have been all downhill for you after that. Even though you wore mismatched shoes, and over and undersized clothes, you probably bragged you were heir to the 57 Heinz fortune.

      PUS, you sorry AH, I don’t feel your pain or care.

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      1. Owns my little friend, your humor is only second to your intelligence. Yes such a successful guy, hanging out on the opposing teams blog claiming greatness while those of his own team are only a wasteland.
        And your story on my birth will certainly keep me up most of the afternoon. And how different mine from yours…as your father was noted many times by the neighbors shaking his head while looking at you in wonder and mumbling “I shoulda listened to that trollop and just stained the sheets”. Hahahahaha!

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  9. I have always felt that Helton is arrogant and a fraud, more concerned about himself than the improvement of the tam and players. Not sure who named him Mr. Nice Guy.

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  10. Bloggers below is a fairly funny video clip. What makes the VC pertinent is the first clip up is PUS desperately seeking his 15 seconds of FAME.

    PUS’ heroic stunt is an indication of PUS’ brainless lack of aforethought and his total disregard for its possible consequences.

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