Did Lynn Swann Golf Today Or Help USC?

It rained today so I assume Lynn Swann did not play golf.

But it’s been more than two months since his famous statement “culture, discipline, schemes, personnel and staff,” changes. Has anything really changed substantially?

Nope, not really.

What did Swann do about iit today? Or yesterday? Or last week?

I told you earlier this week that Keith Belton has been running the strength and conditioning program since Ivan Lewis went to the Seattle Seahawks. Now I hear Belton is in the running for some jobs. No one wants to be around in the current environment.

UPDATED: Swann is at the Super Bowl and was seen at a Snoop Dogg performance. Also there? Urban Meyer, who spoke briefly to Swann.


6 thoughts on “Did Lynn Swann Golf Today Or Help USC?

  1. Help USC? No, it’s not a must when you’ve got a trophy job as the AD of your own Alma Master. The dude’s got it made, and life is wonderful for him at this juncture of his life.

    GOLF ON!!!


  2. There are some people who can perform on a job without having a background in terms of the responsibilities and job description and/or a correlation to what the position involves. For example, Mike Leach of Washinton State is the Head Coach of the football team. Prior to that job, he was a Head Coach at Texas Tech. I don’t know where he was before that, but I was told he came into coaching without ever playing the game or going through the various positions, e.g., offensive and defensive coordinator, to substantiate being imminently qualified to provide the necessary leadership to perform the job successfully. From what I understand, Leach was an attorney before he embarked on a coaching profession. Say what? You are probably thinking how can a legal eagle with no playing background in playing the sport and/or being exposed to lower level coaching positions, and be able to move into a Head coaching disposition and perform with tact, leadership, and success? I don’t have an answer to that, but it’s a good exemplification of success without having the typical base requirements for a specific job such as a head coach for a college football team.
    So now let’s take a look at an administrative job in academia like being an Athletic Director. Some would think that the criteria would require that you had played in some collegiate sport and be familiar with the form and function of a college team. In addition, some would think that a graduate degree in administration, e.g., business, educational, would be necessary handling the complex administrative duties of the position. And lastly, most administrative positions like being an AD for a university would have at least five (5) or more years demonstrated experience to substantiate you possess the wherewithal to do what is expected, as well as, required for the job at the institution.
    So the question is: Did Lynn Swann come in like a Mike Leach, or did he have the above-mentioned credentials to be SC’s AD? Hoping someone can provide some insight relative to this query and post it in the blog. Thank you.


    1. Regardless, he is not doing enough to make SC football better, nor does he communicate at a time when most who care about SC athletics are doubtful anyone really is going to do anything soon enough to make any real improvements.


    2. Dr. J – as you mentioned, you are relatively new to this blog. You are asking Wolf to actually do some investigative reporting. That sir, will never, ever, happen. Wolf missed his calling. He should work for the National Enquirer. He is a muck racker looking to stir the pot, but never able or willing to find cogent answers to the statements he makes.

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  3. Legendary Mike Garrett became USC’s AD without having any Higher Ed administration experience. Many opinions exist regarding the job he did, but I have bias toward liking MG. One day I was giving my Father and Son (9yrs old) a tour of the campus and wandered upstairs to the offices in Heritage Hall just for the hell of it. Walked intone officials and asked the receptionist it my Son could have a peek at the shillelagh. A few minutes later MG himself walks out carrying the stick. Some hella Trojan coursing through three generations standing there with our mouths open. Fun chit.

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  4. Mike Leach coached football at Iowa Wesleyan (NAIA), Valdosta State, University of Kentucky, and University of Oklahoma before he became the HC at Texas Tech. He also interned at BYU.

    I believe Mike Garrett was working in the USC AD before he was promoted to AD.


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