Lynn Swann-Urban Meyer Super Bowl Sighting

Lynn Swann and Urban Meyer were both at Snoop Dogg’s Super Bowl concert tonight. They even spoke briefly. Wonder what they discussed? The weather? Golf? Kliff Kingsbury?


10 thoughts on “Lynn Swann-Urban Meyer Super Bowl Sighting

  1. Too funny.

    Snoop was having a concert for the elderly?

    Urb would fit in great at the university of sex crimes. Domestic violence U!

    And it would bring us all great joy to watch chip beat his ass with a bunch of unheralded recruits.

    34-27 putos, and get used to it. This era is gonna make the 90’s look mild.


    1. Miguelito – No one cares about ucla football. Students don’t go to the games, which is a death knell for the program. Their athletic department has “tried everything” to get them to attend, but they won’t. Overall attendance is the worst in 20 years.

      Chip had his opportunity and he went 3-9. He is so lazy that he couldn’t even make scholarship offers that would be declined. Alabama made three times as many offers as ucla. Tennessee made 5 times as many offers.

      bruins haven’t won a Rose Bowl since Reagan was president. The last Rose Bowl appearance was a loss when Clinton was president. There isn’t a bruin alum under 45 who can say that their college years coincided with successful bruin football.

      With McKay and Prothro, the city rivalry was incredibly exciting, and was one of the top 5 games in college football every year. Everybody cared. The city came to a standstill on that Saturday.

      Your bruins have let everybody who enjoys college football down.

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      1. If Gomer isn’t canned and replaced with a competent coach no one is going to care about SC football either


    2. This is a message to bot sides of town. The minute you start chirping about owning the town and how good you are going to have it… is the minute you stick your foot in your mouth. Just remember the billboard “We own LA”. And that is a note to both sides. I can name at least 10 instances where both sides in more than one sport have doomed themselves the minute they popped off.


      1. And that is the difference between fans… and those of us who have actually lived, breathed and fought in this rivalry. We don’t pop off, (most of us), we admire and respect each other when the day is done and also when the years have faded. We also realize that success is hard earned and valuable and certainly not guaranteed.


  2. According to sources, Swann got on his knees and asked if Urban Meyer would consider the HC job at southern cal… Meyer said get off knees and get me some papas fritas from Chanos!


    1. Teddy,

      And then ol’ Swanny called your sorry a#s and said, Teddy get yourself out of your cardboard box and run down to Chanos and pick up the order for Myers. So you did and that is how you earned your keep for the week.


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