Pick The Super Bowl Score

Are you rooting for the Rams because they are in Southern California? Or because they have Robert Woods, Nickell Robey-Coleman and Justin Davis? Or do you dislike the Patriots? Or do you like the Patriots?

Pick a score here.


23 thoughts on “Pick The Super Bowl Score

  1. Longtime L.A. Ram fan (only when they were/are in LA). Back to the days of Gabriel, Snow, Merlen, Deacon etc.

    Plus your aforementioned Ram/Trojan roster makes the decision silly easy.

    Brady and Belicheck give me the creeps.

    Go Bighorns!!

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    1. Those were the days of George Allen led Rams.. Now who cares about
      those traitors coming back to L.A. Hope they both lose . Bears beat the
      Rams and are the better team. N.O. was robbed in title game. Looking
      for some controversial calls by the officials to make it watchable.


      1. I don’t blame the team because that beeyotch Georgia inherited the club by default.

        Lotta hate for her, but ecstatic to have our Rams back where they belong.


  2. Rams 77, Trojans 3 (Hypothetical game). Been drinking German import beer with sons and close friends before the big game and getting tipsy to say the least😊 Cheers my fellow bloggers!


  3. I see a vey even match save for one thin – Goff. I don’t think Goff has the skillset to lead the Rams to victory, not that he won’t try but I just don’t see it.

    New England 31 LAR 24 – hope I am wrong.


  4. Boy did everyone miss the boat on the score or sunken ship. What a pathetic performance by the new Rams of Inglewood. Goff couldn’t
    beat the Trojans another Cal loser.


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