Lynn Swann’s Busy Schedule

It’s great Lynn Swann is at the Super Bowl with Urban Meyer and Snoop Dogg.

But let’s think about this for a minute: Swann is at the Super Bowl on a weekend USC has official visits with around five recruits. He was at Augusta National Golf Club a couple weeks ago. How many athletic directors across the country have this kind of schedule?

This is not fixing football.

I know a lot of fans care about this. I wonder if anyone who makes a difference at USC cares. So far, the answer is no.


20 thoughts on “Lynn Swann’s Busy Schedule

      1. You such a macho man… amazing how homophobic you are. Worried about your sexual identity? Embrace it.
        Spending time in jail might do that to ya.


  1. No Pudly, this is a good post. It shows that Swann is just a figurehead who is doing nothing to help the athletic programs he runs. Swann is the one you should criticize, not the message SW.

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      1. Really bothers you that some people even exist doesn’t it? Hahahahaha by don’t you come up with a solution? We can call it the final solution…


    1. Not saying Swann doesn’t deserve criticism, I think what I said was he’s said the same thing repeatedly and incessantly over the last couple weeks. Maybe a different angle, some real inside info, something, anything.

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      1. Exactly. The fact that Swann is at the Super Bowl (and I suspect that many other ADs are there) and that he played golf at Augusta National (and I suspect that many other ADs would play there if given the chance), are IMO irrelevant. Swann’s AD decision-making is what matters. I don’t think Swann should have this job – it should be held by someone who has a track record of athletic administration. But there is nothing new in SW’s original post.

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      2. Nice post, trojan67. [In ‘office evaluation’ jargon, one could say that Swann’s work suffers from his not being “fully engaged” and he’s proven repeatedly that he’s ‘not a self starter’]…..

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    2. Ray,
      It’s been a while since we last conversed around the Trojan pond. But I have to agree with you strongly because I don’t know what goes through the mind of Lynn Swann for him to constantly be in the spotlight for so many self inflicted reasons that are just not good.

      I mean….Wow.
      He’s something else. SMH.

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  2. USC doesn’t hire people based on merit, especially in their athletic department. Clay Helton, and Lynn Swann’s resume would not have gotten them an interview for their current positions in the real world. That’s why there’s turmoil with the football team, and the athletic department


  3. all you guys are wrong about SCooter, this is the first time he mentioned that ol’ Swanny was hanging with Meyer’s and Snoop Dog. I am wondering if Swanny was doing any dubes with the Dog (smoking maryjane)? Only the Swann would know.


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