One Mystery Solved

A question I’ve had since the season ended is whether tight end Daniel Imatorbhebhe is still on the team? Especially after his brother, Josh, decided to transfer last week.

Daniel was supposed to become a star in 2017 but has barely played the past two seasons because of injuries although Clay Helton always speaks vaguely about Imatorbhebhe and his health.

Anyways, over the weekend, Imatorbhebhe participated in a community outreach event with local children that was attended by USC and UCLA football players.

So he is still on the team. Will he play? Ask Graham Harrell.


6 thoughts on “One Mystery Solved

  1. Really hope he stays here and plays here…………….and stays healthy. But given his history, not sure his DNA is fully endowed with the “durability” genome. A difference maker when he’s in there and productive. GH would love to have him in there creating match-up problems for most defenses.

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    1. You know, Trojan83, I question whether it’s Daniel’s DNA or weird-ass politics that’s keeping him off the field —-Dan Weber says he consistently looks full speed at practice and in the one full game he’s played in the last 2 years, he looked great.


      1. Seems like he would have joined bruh at the portal party if it was weird-ass politics, no?
        The portal potty…er….party is LIT! I hear its like a never ending Rave for badass pigskin misfits.

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      2. Inside sources have just informed me that you’re 100% right (paragraph 2, that is) —and Scott will be publishing the photos to prove it….

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