Who Is The Ace Recruiter Now?

Wide receiver Koy Moore said last night he would not have decommitted from USC if Tee Martin were still on the coaching staff.

So the question now is who replaces Martin, who was probably the best recruiter on the staff?

Graham Harrell? A guy who has spent most of his adult life in Lubbock, Pullman and Denton, Texas? Mike Jinks? Does he even know Southern California? Greg Burns? He wasn’t known as a recruiter when he worked for Pete Carroll. Chad Kauha’aha’a? Maybe once he knows he is not recruiting for Boise State, Utah State or Utah any more.

Clancy Pendergast refuses to recruit. John Baxter can’t recruit.

Looks like Johnny Nansen has a lot of work to do.


14 thoughts on “Who Is The Ace Recruiter Now?

  1. Why does living in Lubbock, Pullman, and Denton (which is a suburb of Dallas) disqualify a person as a recruiter of high school football players? And in any case, wouldn’t that give Harrell a leg up on recruiting in Texas?

    And why does Wolf think that Chad is stuck in a time warp and that he still believes that he is at Boise State and Utah?

    I guess that Scottie’s bottom line is that recruiting for SC is a dead end, no matter who does the recruiting.

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    1. 67 —Look! I’m writing the entire InsideUSC Summary for 2019! “Nothing will ever come to any good.” [And for good measure —“I tried to tell you —USC needed Tee!”]

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      1. Ha! Very funny, MG!

        And Scott definitely plays us – he needs us to keep coming back for the advertisers on the website. I get that, but he keeps replaying the same material – time for some new information from Wolf.

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      2. Hey Mikey, I’ve been reading about a really wild, tongue and cheek, rumor being floated on threads of another blog:

        U. Meyer to bozo U in at the end of next season – LOL squared.

        So the bozos delete Helton and pay his 8 or 7 figure settlement and then employ Meyer at close to or at Saban dollars – simply ridiculous.

        Why would the financially set Meyer take any amt. of money to swim in Chernobyl U’s radioactive cauldron. I mean at Ohio St. Meyer had his grapes served peeled, and yet Meyer retired for health reasons.

        Meyer to bozo U is just deep state, bozo fake news.

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      3. My dear Owns — I am one of the few people who has seen the secret contract between USC and Meyer. According to the terms of this contract, Swann will not only peel Urban’s grapes but place them gently in his mouth. But the contract assures Urban even more than that….and that’s where you come in………


  2. Bottom line, Clay Helton has single handedly tarnished the USC brand , the program was handed to him in good condition, but his incompetence, lack of leadership and direction, has put him into a tailspin. That’s the difference between Ed Orgeron, and Clueless Clay , Orgeron knew he was an inexperienced coach, so he surrounded himself with top assistants.

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  3. Just Rent,

    To answer your question about Myers, the reason he will choose USC is because he knows that ugly is in a perpertual down turn and nothing, but nothing ever good came from the feces hole called ugly aka Thug U. he knows that he can win at USC.


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