USC Morning Buzz: Ready For The Recruiting Celebration?

USC usually makes a big deal out of its recruiting dinner that is held on the evening of Signing Day.

The event includes the high school seniors who graduated early and enrolled in January. Films of the recruiting class are also shown to the crowd.

But this year the athletic dept. has been pretty low key with the event. Could it be the 5-7 season? The low opinion of Clay Helton? The poor reviews of the recruiting class?

I contacted a couple boosters who always attend to see if they will go Wednesday night. They both said no.

Ticket sales are believed to be understandably slow for the event. And even worse, there is basketball game at the Galen Center at 8 p.m., where the event is being held at the Founders Club. That means parking will be an issue and there will be pressure to end the event before the game.

What will any one who attends get to hear? Well, Helton speaks. Clancy Pendergast speaks. That’s enough to put everyone to sleep. But no one will hear a word or see a highlight from Bru McCoy.

Get your tickets now!


9 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Ready For The Recruiting Celebration?

  1. Parking an issue at our hoops game? You funny.
    Obviously the current cloud hovering over the program will hurt attendance to pretty much every event related to football.
    No Bru McCoddle highlights?!?! One has to ask, given no Brulights, is life even worth living?
    To think there are so-called “boosters” that actually reply when you text them is frankly appalling. Those aren’t “boosters”, those would be “buttheads”.

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  2. LMFAO!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Recruiting Celebration???
    😂😂😂😂😂(Still Laughing)

    Whats more embarrassing for USC, the fact that damn near every highly recruited player they targeted slammed the door on them and went elsewhere.


    The fact that CLANCY “My Defense allowed 49 straight points in the Rose Bowl” PENDERGAST will be speaking about football players that he doesnt know very well because he didn’t build any relationships recruiting them because he doesn’t recruit.😂😂😂😂😂How embarrassing.

    His work daddy said he had permission to stay home.

    CLAY HELTON-“You don’t have to go to work after the regular season’s over son”
    CLANCY PENDERGAST-“Ummmm……I was never going anyways”

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  3. Crystal Ball Prediction:


    Crystal Ball predictions: Kansas State 75 percent, ASU 12 percent, USC 12 percent 

    USC appeared to be making a late run at Pola-Mao at the Polynesian Bowl last mont. At the time the four-star Composite defensive tackle said he was on track to take an official with the Trojans before National Signing Day. But that never happened and Kansas State has moved into the driver’s seat with six Crystal Ball projections in the last couple of days. He is the brother of redshirt freshman safety Isaiah Pola-Mao.  

    Kansas State…really?


    1. He was a 5-Star as a junior and I don’t know what happened but he fell lower in the rankings.
      His brother wasn’t very happy when SC stopped recruiting him months ago. We don’t deserve him. But at the same time we may have dodged a bullet since he’s only fell in all the rankings.


  4. Ole Clancy must think he’s still in the NFL.

    A DC who can’t or won’t step up and help recruit is a liability. Maybe he doesn’t like relating to 18-22yr olds in which case he should get away from college FB. Bet he likes that paycheck though.


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