A Twin Dilemma For USC Recruiting

Safety Dorian Hewett will announce his college choice tonight at 6 p.m. (PST). He visited USC over the weekend.

  • A Pac-12 coach told me the following about the decommitment of wide receiver Koy Moore: “There are 20 wide receivers that good within a 15-mile radius of Los Angeles.”

That sums up the problem for USC. It cannot convince the local stars because the word is out on lack of player development. Look at St. John Bosco wide receiver Kris Hutson, who decommitted from USC and is now talking about playing in the SEC.

And now it is even offending wide receivers like Moore, who is from Louisiana. Does USC even have a coach on staff who can go to an SEC state and get a top player?


6 thoughts on “A Twin Dilemma For USC Recruiting

  1. While Scott bemoans the state of of USC recruiting, Coach Helton is on the trail, personally visiting homes and lending his unique “hands on” approach to fence sitters……..

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  2. We had a guy named Buh as DC being paid way more than he deserved. Loved his paycheck. Would not recruit. Cal worst D in the nation.

    Couple of years later DeRuyter, Sirman & Alexander …all D guys…recruit as a team. Excellent D.

    As long as SC wants to play Air Raid, & with Helton as HC then there will probably never be a decent DC to hitch their wagon to SC. Clancy probably knows he is untouchable because there’s no one to replace him.


  3. Player development? Has some merit- it just isn’t the whole story but simplistic enough for SW. Take Chuma Edoga: came to SC with all of the accolades. One problem, kind of a tweener G/ T. Anyway, though not consistent and somewhat injury prone, won a starting position and played well enough to earn an invite to the SR. Bowl- where he did tore it up. You’re trying to to tell me that it was lack player development/one week of coaching at a bowl that transformed his game? Or, does this guy not have the mental discipline/ toughness to play well for four years at SC? To be prepared and have the integrity to play at a high level like he did at the pro bowl practices. He may tank again as a pro. Who knows? Money, however, motivates. And if you know you have a limited shelf life in this absolutely barbaric sport, you will perform when you have to. Jordan Simmons is another example. Point being, blaming player development for SC’s “down recruiting” is too simplistic.
    I think some of these guys are wising up and looking toward the future. SC can set you up for life. Players down in the South and SEC/ ACC country don’t go to school for the academics- the whole state of Alabammy has like ONE computer. They go thinking that football is a way out and will bash their brains in to get to the league. Short shelf life? Smart players like Chuma are using the college games as a springboard to the league. They perform when they have to, but are savings themselves for when the pros come a callin’. Just my opinion.



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