USC Morning Buzz: Are Washington State/Utah State New Rivals?

USC hosted offensive tackle Hunter Hill over the weekend and will now try to steal him from Washington State and Utah State.

It would feel better if USC was going against Notre Dame, Washington or Oregon for a recruit. Instead, the Trojans are making a late charge for Hill, who is from Orem, Utah.

Does it matter that Kyle Whittingham is not recruiting Hill? What did he not see in a local lineman?

The beauty of this is I fully expect some USC fans will say everything is hunky dory for USC to be going toe-to-toe with Washington State and Utah State for an offensive lineman.


20 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Are Washington State/Utah State New Rivals?

  1. Maybe this lineman is more suited to the Air-Raid and that we are competing with WSU and USU for him because they run similar offenses? Utah doesn’t, so it stands to reason this is why they don’t want him.

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      1. Any bowl is a good bowl P76. Esp after several dry years.
        SC went where? A: To their TV sets.
        Luv ya Biggie.


  2. Utah St isn’t that bad and certainly no cupcake. Consider ye rah-rah’s happy with new bozo O/C, G. Harrell, that Utah St. TKO’d North Texas St. 52 -13 at the 2018 New Mexico Bowl.

    Except for two the inconsequential NT St. TD’s, Utah St suppressed Harrell’s NT St., small fire offense.


    1. The idiot whose team wins 3 games trying to throw shade..where’s that recruiting class of yours ranked? Oh yeah, even with our bad season, the ruins can’t draw. Hahahahaha! Chocolate chip will be starting “eight clap eighths”, boy that’ll make a big difference.


      1. The 2 – 8 Idiots 34 – 5 – 5 SUCCX 27 How about that SUCCX defense?

        PUS, appreciate the UCLA recruiting heads up.

        “Oh and btw” PUS, TMZ had footage of CK taking Puka Nacuk to dinner in Westwood. The footage had Puka indicating he was very impressed with his UCLA visit & Dinning experience.

        PUS “the magic STD” slithers on.


      2. Poor owns thinks a meal a recruitment makes. Guess that’s what happens when you get kelly’s jelly donut leftovers as a recruiting tool..hahahahaha. That box of half eaten donuts just inside the coaches office, and tmz paid for that shift? Ooh..he’s probably going to the huskies anyway.


  3. Recruiting is a group effort taking hours of film and making trips to high schools. In the current environment whether we like it or not we cannot snap our fingers and have the kids show up. High School coaches across the country are telling students to steer clear of the Trojans. So maybe Helton can make a silk purse out of a three star player. Heck the wall might get funding. The military might give up their secret ufo information. The BOT might select Scott as the next president. Okay that might be far fetched. Anyway if we aren’t saying wait till next year after the second quarter in the first game, maybe we’ll out perform WSU.


  4. Yo chirp86 snivels :

    “Ohh I bet that will turn out well. Can hardly wait.
    Fucla has the clap.”

    *****Hey chirp, how about Jared ‘Jack’ Goff’s magnificent goat, 3 pt. SB performance/loss. I gotta say it chirp, J ‘Jack’ G., choka, choka, choka choked – I mean JUST 3 stinking pts.

    But, I’m sure his SB game w/b enshrined it the Strawberry team locker room, on the toilet wall with all the other former Cal QB SB losers. I’m reliably informed that specific toilet wall is referred to as the “Wall of Cal Shit.”

    Now chirp, correct me if I’m wrong, didn’t you recently blowhard about all the former Cal QB’s that have started the SB. Chirp please be sure to have PUS, “the Magic STP” check my arithmetic, but I calculate Cal SB starters are a blistering 1 – 5 in the big game.

    Chirp, you wimpy Cub, Cal is still nothing but a bollocks Cricket University.


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