Wide Receiver Koy Moore Decommits

Four-star wide receiver Koy Moore of Metairie, La., who is a Class of 2020 prospect, announced on twitter he was no longer committed to USC and he did it emphatically.

“My relationship with USC became strained with the coaching changes,” Moore said. “I love USC but the recruitment is not up to my expectations. I would like to re-open my recruitment.”

This is a byproduct of Tee Martin being fired. But it’s also par for the course for USC these days.

21 thoughts on “Wide Receiver Koy Moore Decommits

  1. Martin is a great recruiter. But perhaps Moore doesn’t see beyond recruitment, and that he will almost certainly be much better off with the new offense with Harrell.

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      1. Pudly —What the fuck?! We’re not allowed to take completely contradictory positions anymore?!

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      2. No not true…just own them when we do. Anyone can change their minds, it’s just the ones who like to stand on both sides of the hill at the same time…you know, just to make sure the grass isn’t greener…

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      3. Pudly —Ok. But, crap, I’m going to wind up spending a lot of time—time that could have been spent on bitching—-owning up.

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    1. Check that one off the list…tick-tick-tick-tock…even the (credible) guest recruiting specialist on the main fan site last week was highly critical of the incompetent overstocking of the WR position (along with previous similar over billeting of LBs) to the exclusion of positions of obvious need…the willingness of some delusional USC followers on this site to engage in sycophant fandom makes the UCLA and Cal fans seem less absurd…of course, they watch a game like last night and still go “rah, rah, air raid, wow!”…


  2. As long as helton heads things,it doesn’t matter who SC recruits…has anyone at SC noticed that basketball teams and volleyball teams and soccer teams practice in shorts…those are non contact sports…football has completely different uniforms to protect against injuries due to the rules allow contact, collisions during tackling and blocking are how teams play that sport…somebody should tell helton this…

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    1. Yes, sir, Tim. Most of Helton’s problems could be solved by introducing Harrell to the team, and, then, taking one step back as Harrell politely explains that practices will be run at 110%, everybody who’s healthy is gonna get knocked around the entire time …and, if everybody buys in, they’ll get the last laugh on every single team still on their schedule that beat them last year.

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      1. MG

        Applaud your optimism and enthusiasm – but don’t think this solves all of CH’s problems, and more importantly – who has ever built a successful organization anywhere along these lines? Certainly no football program…Ohio State got Meyer…Alabama got Saban…Michigan got Harbaugh (throat clearing)…Notre Dame once upon a time got Holtz…we once upon a time got PC…fixing failed programs isn’t accomplished by maintaining the failure and papering it over by hiring an assistant or two…if it was, why wouldn’t you hire that assistant to be in charge and get rid of the failure? This isn’t rocket science (and of course, if it was, I would be the least qualified person to have an opinion about it…as opposed to the nearly least qualified person to have an opinion about the football program)…

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      2. James —I hear you. (But) I keep thinking that USC’s problem last season primarily came in the Confidence Department. Except for the Washington State game, we kind of gave up every time we fell behind. But, even after the players apparently quit on Helton at the end of last season, they were still in the games they lost. This season could be different if someone is able to supply the spark that Helton lacks, and get the team to play harder—rather than give up— when things get tough. I think Harrell COULD be that person. In order for that to happen, it has to be very clearly communicated to the team that starting assignments on offense, offensive gameplans and playcalling are under Harrell’s exclusive control. In other words, Harrell has to be the defacto Coach of USC’s offense (even if, for political reasons, he isn’t —yet—named Head Coach). I agree this is not a perfect situation —-but it doesn’t have to be a disaster if Helton is willing to accept his new title as “Coach in Name Only”.

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      3. MG

        Understood – ok, me go blah, blah, blah…

        This points out the need for perspective…I tend to approach this from the standpoint of McKay, JRob 1, PC standards…while recalling the Tollner, Smith, and Hackett eras (unfortunately)…I agree with you that if, as the circumstances strongly suggest, GH’s hiring was contingent upon CH having to accept that GH has total autonomy with the offense, to include organization and execution of practice/training, that this alone would return the program to the 8-10 win level…I just see no reason why that should be the goal (in short, why leave CH in charge if we think GH…or CK or other…can accomplish that…and perhaps achieve the other necessary but as of yet unaccomplished coaching/staff changes)…

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      4. James — Yeah, I know. What you’re suggesting WOULD have been ‘Plan A’ for a strong, independent Athletic Director. That doesn’t seem to be the world USC is living in (at the moment)…..

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  3. He sounds like he was coming because of the coach. (Martin) Now SC has a better one and he decommits. Not the brightest gem in the box in my opinion. Yes, GH is going to rock, best hire in a decade.

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    1. Could SC close with “at least” three new 4* commits, including an Olineman? Hmmm, while scottie is putting kids down and previewing those who decommitted, could something real be happening “inside Heritage Hall”? Could be. You just won’t find out here. Hahahahaha

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  4. Man, I could not be a recruiter. Not in this atmosphere of kiss my butt, no he kisses it better, but he really kisses it well….


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