Dorian Hewitt Commits

USC received a commitment from three-star cornerback to Dorian Hewett of Houston. This was a pretty easy job for the coaches because they didn’t even start recruiting him until a few weeks ago.

7 thoughts on “Dorian Hewitt Commits

  1. See what Helton is doing!!!! Give him another 5 year extension!! Long live Swann and Helton! Please don’t ever let go of Pendergast either!!



    1. Nobody recruits like the chipper…

      “But this does appear to be a terrible start on this recruiting trail for UCLA and Chip Kelly” SB Nation

      “UCLA appears to be on the verge of securing what could be politely described as an underwhelming recruiting class” LA Times

      Time for an 8-clap!

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      1. Rusoviet – Ha!

        BTW, this is the recruit whom Scottie thought was so bad that he compared Hewitt to our kids, as in “if anyone has a son who can play cornerback…”

        It turns out that Hewitt runs a 4.45 40.

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  2. Hey I will take a 3 star from Texas( A state that actually cares about HS football) all day over a 5 star from of Ca … Dude looks like a baller.


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