Who Is Left For USC?

Wide receiver Puka Nacua, who is committed to USC, will not sign a letter of intent with any school today, according to his mother.

He is looking at Washington, Oregon, Utah, USC and UCLA. Washington was believed to have the inside track heading into Signing Day.

Who else is left?

There are offensive tackles Enokk Vimahi, Hunter Hill and Dawand Jones.

Jones is expected to sign with Ohio State. The Buckeyes are also USC’s main competition with Vimahi. Hill is also being recruited by Washington State and Utah State, so does it really matter?

UPDATED: Vimahi is headed to Ohio State. He was the best of the three linemen. This also hurts because Ohio State made a late offer and it was assumed for awhile he would go to USC.

UPDATED II: Rivals just dropped USC to No. 16. If Nacua signs elsewhere, the class ranking will likely drop again.


28 thoughts on “Who Is Left For USC?

  1. Getting a solid commitment of a talented player to sign to a specific college football program can be a formidable task. And when you least expect them to “flip” to another program, they make an announcement and leave the program they committed to scrambling to fill the void. Over the past couple of weeks, I have noticed that some 4 and 5 star players who gave Bama and Georgia verbal commitments before officially signing have announced they will be going to the Canes in the south of Florida. It appears that the potential for a team to win to a player may just override the established winner, e.g., Bama, Clemson, Georgia. It’s my sincere hope that some of the players who have not contemplated playing at SC will look at the “potential” like that team in the south of Florida.
    And as far as recruitment is concerned, I will say this: As long as SC can coral more potential playmakers than Uncle Chip and the FUCLA squad across town, then I won’t feel as much neurosis about what SC ends up with subsequent to the recruitment process. Notwithstanding my sentiments relative to the HC, my positive hopes and aspirations for the SC football squad will remain intact.

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    1. Terrific post, drjess! And guess what? That ‘horrible’ Rivals ranking (#16) puts us way ahead of Washington and Stanford —-in fact, it makes our class the highest rated in the Pac 12 except for Oregon. We have what it takes to win 10 games this season.

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      1. Cal75 & karma —-I reserve the right to adjust downward depending on what happens against Fresno State…..


    2. Oh, by the way —-USC just passed Washington in 247Sports’ rankings for 2019 —- putting us ahead of everybody except Oregon in both the major ranking services.

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      1. MG and Drjess – great posts – one other thought – with the right coaching, a team can succeed without a lot of recruiting service 4 and 5 star players. Take a look at Wisconsin. They are in a tougher conference than the Pac 12, their recruiting classes are routinely ranked in the 30-40 range, but they have about a 75 percent winning percentage over the years. That percentage would be higher if they played in the Pac 12.

        So if one has the right coaches, then…(MG, you can fill this in with one of your hashtags…

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      2. Trojan67: SC will —-depending on the degree to which the team clicks with Harrell and injuries to key players —-win anywhere between 6 and 10 games in 2019.


      3. Don’t laugh, Cal75 —The Cheez-it Bowl would be a major step up from last season…


      4. MG, all kidding aside….you lads have a tough schedule. By the time you get to us on Nov 16th …..SC’s flaws will be plainly exposed.

        I predict a lot of turmoil within SC coaching ranks.
        Coach Helton will be marginalized & just to remind you…

        The PAC loves Coach Helton.

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      5. Cal75 —I’m of the (uninformed, as usual) opinion that, if USC undergoes a coaching change, it will be directly after the Notre Dame game on Oct. 12. By that time, Swann will have a chance to assess how well Harrell is running the offense AND all the toughest games on our schedule will be outta the way —-making it an ideal time to let Harrell look like a hero by sweeping the last 6 games…..


    3. Lowering your standards to out recruit that shithole in westwood says it all, shouldn’t we be aiming to out recruit Bama and Clemson ?


      1. Sadly, if you put last year’s team’s performance out on the field against next year’s schedule, then 5 wins is probably about it. This is depressing…

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      2. trojan67 —-THIS year’s team will benefit from having a sharper O. C. Last year’s team would have won at least 9 games with Harrell at the controls.


    4. Good post, doc- life is too short to wish ill-will on anybody especially our beloved football team. The combination of 4 and 5 star talent on the roster mixed with extremely hungry, chip-on-their-shoulder 3 star players could really work. Whether it works or not, remains to be seen- it is why they play the games. I do think that the playmakers are in place at the WR and RB positions. The key, in my estimation, will be if JT makes enough 2nd year progress to manage and make the engine run. I think the OL will be OK; they really can’t get much worse. I also think that Jack Sears, if he is the better player, should play as all hands should be on deck so as to not permit a reoccurence of last year’s debacle.

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  2. The disaster of last season, the numerous debacles and outrageous statements from USC this off-season – Does anyone else expect this recruiting class “ranking” to get much better than 15-20? Who cares at this point about rankings? Flow does now. Who cared over the past 7 years about rankings? When they were high, Flow said, “USC recruits USC.” And around and around we go…

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    1. Wrong, karma. Clay’s lucrative new contract clearly states he must stay out of anything that could be considered “coaching”……


  3. I guess Soft Serve (Clay Helton) is planning on having J.T. Daniels throw to all these WR’s while on his back because that’s where Daniels is going to find himself with the lack of recruiting attention the offensive line is getting.


  4. Hey Cal75: What bowl does Cal have dibs on this season? If SC is destined for the Cheezit Bowl, will Cal get the Burger Bowl? (just joshing you)..


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