Utah State Steals A USC Recruit

Offensive tackle Hunter Hill just announced he would sign with Utah State. He chose the Aggies over USC. He was previously committed to Washington State.

This sort of sums of the recruiting class in many ways.

USC is ranked No. 16 by Rivals with 27 recruits. 247 Sports has USC No. 17 with 26.

USC’s class ranking can drop with Rivals if Paka Nakua signs somewhere else.

I’m hearing St. John Bosco punter Will Rose is currently a preferred walk-on. Some recruiting services reported last week he would sign a letter of intent.


29 thoughts on “Utah State Steals A USC Recruit

  1. Helton is the master recruiter!! He is letting go of players that will not fit the culture at southern cal!! I understand Hunter Hill is an upstanding young man that has zero chance of committing a felony. Helton told him to look elsewhere when Hill declined the usual southern cal appointed girlfriend saying he is not looking to fornicate and is waiting for marriage. Helton told him that there is no place for you here.



    1. How’s it work at ruinville? National Signing Day and people quit? Trollops at westwierd must be charging again…

      Btw, tmz is reporting that Puka and his mom were run off campus when they mistakenly thought the jelly donuts in the coaches office were for the visitors.

      #eightclapeighth… hahahahaha

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      1. Pudly – “inside ucla”! Many have left the S.S. Chipper. ucla is no longer in any football conversation, and hasn’t been for decades.

        teddy, you will be waiting a long time for your fast food. Easier to ask your boss for an employee discount and get it yourself from the fryers.

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      2. In case you missed it Chip kicked Clay’s ass all over the field this past season.

        Your boy Clay is a clown.


      3. Well before you do go to sleep, make sure you go grab your buddy Gabby and go give Clay his nightly rub down that you two love to give him.


      4. Drinking again or just stupid… either way little guy, your constant focus on homo-erotic love and asses is telling. Oo, your such a man’s man.. hahahahaha


      5. “Homo-erotic”? Are those the feelings you were feeling when you and Gabby were discussing giving Helton his rub downs? You really are a Pud…seek help.


      6. Seek help, Nelly. Your homo-erotic tendencies are getting the best of you and your feathers are getting ruffled.


    1. There is a growing gap between CA college football, and college football in the states that place a high value on football (OK, TX, AL, GA, FLA,…)


  2. Hill is from Utah. He wanted to stay close to home. He was a 3 star anyways. No worries. The real issue is the 4 and 5 stars in California giving Gomer the finger. Uncle Pete used to have a wall around California and all the top recruits stayed home. Gomer can’t replicate that


  3. Get better sources Wolf. Dude would have signed with USC in a heartbeat had they not offered him a Gray Shirt (meaning he doesnt get a scholarship this year), which is why he backed off. Dude was a project to begin with and USC didnt even feel he was good enough for a current scholarship, so not shocked he stayed home for a school he may actually play at one day.


  4. Scott you know Utah State did not steal a USC recruit.
    You went to USC. For whatever reasons you are pi$$*d off at them.



  5. I’m not surprised, because Utah State was actually better than USC last season, that’s why Texas Tech hired their coaching staff. So look for them to be a better program then SC’s too 😂


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